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// James (July 17/08)
In response to:
Theo Mission Teams
Hi everyone....
not to freak out but... PANIC!!!!!! I'm really glad that we got the 3rd ring (even with a missed try), and not to be over dramatic, but WE'RE DOOMED! Ok, maybe we're not fully doomed... but we're certainly in trouble. Thank goodness they don't seem to suspect me yet...
Anyways, here's why I'm freaking out:
-------- Original Message -------- Subject: The Sixth Ring
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 09:28:46 -0700
From: <swiogitirn@farifluset.mailexpire.com>
To: <jamesmutters@gmail.com>
To: All Theo Membership
Re: The Sixth Ring
There have been continued irregularities with the 6th Ring. We are still investigating the situation at two locations. But at a third we have concrete evidence.
Between approximately 1600hrs and 1800hrs GMT there were two unsuccessful attempts to steal the ring. We are monitoring the agonothetai and they continue to be woefully ignorant about the sculpture. It is thought that the persons in question are private art collectors. As all well know, the art of van Waalen is much sought after. As noted, both attempts to steal the ring were thwarted, but to better protect the rings, they are being taken out of gallery rotation. They will be held instead at more secure, private locations, unavailable for public viewing.
From now on, all operative pickups will require video authentication at the time of pick-up. In addition to requiring the password, the current ring-holder will record a video of the transporter and submit it to a senior executive Theo member for authentication before the ring is released for further transportation.
There is no cause for alarm.
End of message
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