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// James via email to Theo members (June 2/08)
Hi Everyone,

Many of you probably already know this: the person behind this email address is actually James Mutters. I’m running Theo’s efforts against the 2008 agonothetai.

Last week I was ambushed by 9 members of Team Agonothetai. Perhaps you’ve seen the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7IKMSjXf7k

They physically restrained me and convinced me to run a personal labyrinth on the roof of the building where I work. I didn’t think it would work. But it did. I connected with a parallel me. Not only that, I connected with Toria. And that changes everything.

I should back up. Toria was part of the team of 6 who were sent in 2004 to try and revive the Lost Sport. She woke up in the labyrinth in front of Grace’s Church here in San Francisco. Long story short: I fell in love with her.

Things with her mission went wrong. Kentaro (their Thumos) dropped off the radar and they weren't able to get the Omph Strength high enough for all of them to return home. Eli's calculations – yes, Eli was working with them, too -- told them that only one could travel home. They picked Renata to go back to her world to tell the tale of what happened. Toria would come back after the Olympic Games in Athens and stay here with me.

But something happened at the Olympics. Inexplicably, at the very list minute, Toria decided that she was the best person to go back and tell their story. She took Renata’s place.

Renata ended up having to stay here. She was furious with Toria and the whole situation. I was heartbroken that Toria had left. Together, we were easy marks for Kentaro. He convinced Renata to join Theo. Then she convinced me.

So that's the short version of how I joined Theo. Maybe my motives weren’t pure at first. But listen. In the past 4 years that I've worked with them, I have come to realize something extremely important.

What Theo Says Makes Sense.

I took the Theo Oath sincerely, and I still believe it today. I hope over the next few weeks as you consider your options, many of you will take the Oath as well.

Here’s what has changed for me. In the vision I had in my personal labyrinth, Toria told me that if the agonothetai get the Omph Strength over 100%, then there's a chance that I can travel back with this year's team and get to see her again.

The thing is, after working with Theo, I realize that in 2004, they never had a chance to send all six. They never had The Lost Rings, which are the only source of information for how to send the entire team home. The ompth strength was only part of the problem.

The other part of the problem is that right now we don’t have access to the information on The Lost Rings. Only the most senior Theo members have that. So we don’t know how to travel through the omphalos as a team. In order to get us that information, I need to move up in the ranks of Theo. I need to prove to Renata (my superior) that I'm bringing new people into the folds of Theo.

Renata told me that the next level of access requires me to complete a mission with a team of dedicated recruits. I need 27 new proven members to complete a mission which will require 27 teammates. So I need that many to go through the Un-initiation so that I can get this next mission. Together we can prove that we are serious and worthy. Mission instructions will be shared when we have a list of 27, people should work with me to become un-initiated.

I don't know what this next mission is. But it's not going to be easy. And helping out both sides is going to be risky. I think I can do it. But we're going to have to trust each other. Don't think for a second that we're not being monitored. You may know what happened to Kai when I told them that I had been compromised... Well next time it's not going to just be Kai who they grab.

Some of you may disagree with me. But the fact of the matter is that if there's any chance of me being able to see Toria again, then helping the Agonothetai is something I have to do. I hope that you will all help me gain enough new un-initiates that I'll be able to help more than I have so far.


James Mutters
English Team Lead
Game against the 2008 Agonothetai
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