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// Eli Hunt via Email responding to ThaJinx (Mar 6/08)
In response to:
Mr. Hunt,

I'm currently majoring in Illustration at Boise State University, ID, in the United States. I'm currently taking a senior level seminar linking iconographie in art with classical myth, and your theories relating to a lost Olympic sport are very interesting to me. I'd like very much to hear you speak, and have heard rumors that you'll be appearing in Cardiff this weekend. If this true, are there any other details you'd be willing to supply me with? I understand you're a busy man, so thank you very much for your time.

-James Calentino
Dear Mr. Calentino,

I am pleased that an artist such as yourself has taken an interest in my research. Recreating ancient artifacts is a true passion of mine, as you may have noticed from my podcast series. Although I must confess that I am not much of an illustrator myself. And so I am always interested in meeting potential future collaborators. Perhaps you will keep my research in mind if you are looking for an interesting project to further your university studies.

As for the lecture, it has been especially commissioned by a private client. And as a matter of respect, I keep the names of my clients confidential. Indeed, I'm quite sure this group would not want to advertise their interest in this particular lecture topic. It's quite unorthodox. Of course, many of lectures are outside the mainstream of research, as you may have surmised. However, I anticipate a lively discussion, as I believe my research is a perfect fit for the group. Let's just say they are some odd fellows in the bunch.

Yours sincerely,

Eli Hunt

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