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// Eli Hunt (August 14, 2008)
In response to:
Dear Eli,
I have a 'new' theory:
I guess the multiversal travel is only needed if you want to travel from one world type (e.g. Gaea) to another type (e.g. Kondorland). And only 5 of the six need to do this.
The +1 person needs not to travel via the multiversal procedure.
I guess instead he has to do a personal labyrinth to merge this world with the one he original came from.
And I guess that is exactly what Toria did. I assume she came from a Gaea world and has "travelled" via personal alignment. That's why she could travel without flares and without 11-circuit-rings (and that is why Renata would not have been able to travel at all)
Another important thing:
If you want to align with your parallel world you could only do this with a world where you have not left. When one lefts his Gaea world there will be immediately a world be generated where this person has not left. The task is to align with exactly this person. (I do not know how!)
And last but not least:
How did our Gaea person get here on our world? Not easy to answer.
One possibility, he/she was always here. Went to a labyrinth, put on some blindfold and took something that makes him/her sleep and forget everything. And finally wakes up like all the others. To return this person has to align with the parallel self that decided not to take the forget-everything-stuff.
Problem: Why is no-one remembering this person after he/she woke up?
Best Regards
Hello AUZ,
This is an excellent theory. It has sparked many ideas in me. I hope
you don't mind, I am including several other allies on this message --
allies who have also been very helpful in thinking through the 5 + 1
and flare navigation problems.
If the Gaea ally travels via a different process, one that is closer
to personal alignment than flare navigation, I wonder if perhaps a
different location is required as well?
It occurs to me suddenly: Perhaps Delphi worked in 2004 not because it
was the "nearest monumental wave", but because it is the site of the
original omphalos. Is Delphi an active alignment site whenever the
Olympic Games achieve peak athletic synchronisation? This would
explain why Toria was able to travel or align without our omphalos
network being completed.
If this theoyr is correct, does team agonothetai require someone at
Delphi? Or is it optional? Is Delphi the only site were Alex could
This creates a few ethical dilemmas.
If I am wrong about my theory, and I ask Alex to go to Delphi instead
of Beijing, she may lose her only chance of going home, and team
agonothetai will be without their true dikaiosune. We could ask James
to take over that role for the team, but given his history with Theo,
I am wary of placing such trust in him.
Meanwhile, Alex is not even sure if she wants to travel. Placing her
at Delphia could be a risk, if having someone willing to align at
Delphi is key to the success of the 5 + 1 process.
There is so much to consider and so little time. I would appreciate
your thoughts on the matter.
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
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