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// Eli Hunt (July 20, 2008)
In response to:
Hi Eli,
thank you for your help.
After you mentioned "meeting place" I remembered this "Esperanto Society" in
BA, where Diego was (and where he thought he met you!).
This Society is in a the street "Paraguay 2357" and this is more or less
directly at the seed of the labyrinth. See the followin map and compare it
with the one I sent before.
What do you think? And have you been there during your trip to South
Ah, yes!
This is very promising. I know that members of the Esperanto Society
have been in contact with both agonothetai and counter-agonothetai of
years past.
Indeed, I have long believed that it was members of various chapters
of the Esperanto Society who first assisted the original six travelers
in translating and hiding the 27 chapters of the Lost Ring Codex. So
it would not surprise me if certain chapters are still actively
involved with the "game", as the opposition calls it.
However, if it so, then this recovery will be quite challenging. My
research in South America did indeed suggest that the Buenos Aires
chapter was on the "other side". Our retrievers will need a very, very
good plan.
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
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