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// Eli Hunt (July 20, 2008)
In response to:
Hi Eli, Hi James,
the latest voice message has been translated:
Agent Sveta, with new information on the movement of the 4th ring, La Sesa Ringo. The previous place of the location of the fourth ring was 3817 stadia in the direction of Athena 10 omphalos number 7. From there I moved the ring 115 stadia in the direction of Apollo 8. Right now the ring is [something like "safely"] hidden with a friend in a [meeting location?] placed at the very highest point of the [samesterkiy?] labyrinth in a seeable place [in plain sight]. First a turn to the left, 6 and 66 [stodih] stadium width from side to side, where the entry to the labyrinth is a medical school of a government university and where the cross of the labyrinth is carved in the direction of gemini 0. To get the ring for the next turn and pass it on, you should give "parole" to the keeper of the ring.
Tell the ringkeeper, of the 23 different sporting events ever held at the ancient Olympics the name of
the sporting event that was added 12 years after
the sport that was added 40 years before
the sport that was added 28 years after
the sport that was added 208 years before
the sport that was added 104 years before
the sport that was added 196 years before
the sport that was added 556 years after
the first Olympic sport was invented.
But we assume that there are two errors:
1: in the password riddle it should probably be 576 years instead of 556 years, which than leads to PENTATHLON as the password.
2: 1150 stadia seems better than 115 stadia. Than the pick up city will be Buenos Aires. In BA is the Facultad de medicina (UBA) , which could be the labyrinth entrance.
I attached a map. Assumming that "very highest point" means "most northern point" the blue area would be my suggestion, where we should start to search for the 4th ring.
What's your opinion.
Hello AUZ505,
It seems again we may have some translation difficulties...
While the labyrinth position seems correct to me, I cannot wager a
guess as to where in the labyrinth we might need to look.
It seems clear we are not dealing with a gallery this time. But would
could be meant by a meeting place?
Perhaps we should consider all of the key locations in a labyrinth
like this one: the peak, the center, the seed, and so on. Where would
friends of Theo meet?
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
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