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// Eli Hunt via chat with jasper (June 14, 1008)
jasper 1:39 I drew on for Austin- we don't need it perhaps, but it was a lot easier after drawing on Dallas maps
I don't want to slow you down- as captains around the globe are waiting for your approval- but do the city labyrinths have a deadline?
Eli Hunt 1:40 Ah, that is a good question
As I mentioned earlier, I believe the solstice is a high point of launching labyrinth exercises
so we have a window of several weeks thereafter I would believe
jasper 1:41 launching- not completing?
Eli Hunt 1:41 Obviously we must finish by the Olympics!
jasper 1:42 thanks
Eli Hunt 1:42 Correct, they typically occur before and after. The solstice is the peak.
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