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// Eli Hunt via chat with jasper (Mai 25/08)
jasper 12:29 Oh, goodness! Eli Hunt!
Eli Hunt 12:31 Hello Jasper. Unfortunately, I am unable to chat at the moment, as I am making last minute travel arrangements.
jasper 12:32 LOL
Eli Hunt 12:34 I am also preparing a new podcast for team agonothetai.
jasper 12:35 yay!
Eli Hunt 12:35 It regards a mission I know will not frighten Ariadne. It is imperative that we not lose her from the team.
jasper 12:35 I think you should go to her
Eli Hunt 12:36 Yes, great minds think alike. I did mention last minute travel plans.
jasper 12:37 good! at last!
Eli Hunt 12:37 I realize many of you are disappointed that I have not returned sooner, but it was very important that I be able to investigate certain matters out of the spotlight of our opponents.
It was essential that it seem I had abandoned the cause.
jasper 12:37 yes. . .
jasper 12:43 So are our opponents still our opponents?
Eli Hunt 12:44 In this world, I believe so. Please excuse me while I finish making my arrangements, we will talk again.
jasper 12:47 Thanks Eli
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