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// Eli Hunt via chat with MauroKing (Mai 25/08)
Eli Hunt:I have to return to Ariadne. She is not coping well with the demands of being a dikaiosune, I'm afraid. I sympathize with her distress, but we must get her back on track.
Are you a dikaiosune, by any chance?
Me:No, Chariton
Do you need a Dikaoisune for anything in particular??
Eli Hunt:I suppose it depends on whether Ariadne recovers or not.
Me:I can find one if you want to.
Eli Hunt:I would certainly be happy to have a list of dikaiosune, just in case. What part of the world are you in?
Me: Buenos Aires
Eli Hunt: Then our paths have just missed crossing. Please excuse me while I finish making my arrangements, we will talk again.
Me:Well... if you ever need something in Buenos Aires you can ask me.
Eli Hunt:Thank you, Mauro. I will remember that
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