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// Eli Hunt via Email responding to krystyn (Apr 14/08)
In response to:
Subject: Do you like me? Circle one and WBS (Y/N)
Krystyn Wells to thelostgames
show details 6:27 PM (0 minutes ago)
Hello, Eli Hunt
You don't really know me, but
The wind sings your song
Guess you've gone AWOL
We are all pretty worried
Your silence - so sad
I have one request
Constrained by syllables, yet
with motivation:
Please do write back soon
Tell me the story with these:
Where, Why, When, What, Who
You must be busy
Thanks for reading these haikus
Snow falls on branches.
Running in circles, refreshing my Inbox,
Eli Hunt to me
show details 9:08 PM (0 minutes ago)
AWOL is safer.
They must not see me coming.
Theo won't win again.
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