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// Edwin Moses (July 7, 2008)
In response to:
people contacted him at this address: ftwmcdSPLATgmail.com
This is such an exciting time for those of us who know the secret of
the lost ring!
Allow me to officially introduce myself. I'm Edwin Moses, and I'm here
to help you train for the Multiverse Olympiad.
In 2008, we will become the first athletes in thousands of years to
participate in a great, lost tradition. It will be the first
Multiverse Olympiad since the Ancient Greeks. What an honor! What a
historic moment! And I am thrilled to become your honorary "coach" for
the ancient lost sport, the human labyrinth.
I know just how challenging your mission is. You have to be the best
at the lost sport. Not just the best in this world, but in ALL of the
Well, I can speak from experience that becoming the worlds' best is
the challenge of a lifetime. I've set four world records in my event,
the 2.16 stadia hurdles (that's the 400 meter hurdles to
non-agonothetai). I've won two world championships, and two gold
medals. And I will use my experience to help you win gold on August
Of course, the most important thing is to compete. As you know, just
by taking part in the Multiverse Olympiad, we will be bringing the
worlds together – and that is our most important mission.
I've already asked you to send me your team location and your
strength. As we prepare for the multiverse race, I will be sure to
pass on the best athletic advice I can for, based on your special
We also need to begin competing for the right to be one of the
official six city teams competing in the Multiverse Olympiad. Eli Hunt
tells me that we can enter just one city from each continent, six
teams total. Each city will compete on its home turf, synchronized
with other cities competing on their own home turf around our world,
and around the other worlds. You won't have to travel to participate,
but you will need a dedicated team ready to compete!
You will need 11 team members to compete in the 3-circuit event and 16
team members to compete in the 7-circuit event.
Is your team in the running? Please email me your city's best times as
you record them, along with the names and strengths of your devoted
team members. Priority will be given to teams based on their best
7-circuit times, since that is of course the most important event. We
will make the final decision by August 3, so that the chosen teams
have time to train more intensely for the actual Multiverse Olympiad.
All the best,
Edwin Moses
P.S. I hope you will understand why I've been keeping my identity
secret until now. I've only just begun to learn about Ariadne's
mission, and her friends, and the research of Eli Hunt. But one thing
I learned very quickly. There are many people who would like to keep
the search for the lost ring a secret – and perhaps wisely so! But Eli
has assured me that our training is well hidden in plain sight. Only
those who know the secret, only those who are part of our team, will
truly see our mission. The rest will simply overlook the most
important game…
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