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// Edwin Moses (June 26, 2008)
In response to:
people contacted him at this address: ftwmcdSPLATgmail.com
Congratulations. If you're reading this email, then you're a part of
the mission to win gold in the lost sport.
I've never competed in the multiverse Olympiad. But I have competed in
the Olympics. And I've won gold more than once.
I want to help team agonthetai win gold in 2008.
I might not be a champion labyrinth runner, but I can tell you exactly
what it feels like to run for the gold with everything on the line. I
can help you prepare mentally, to prepare for the moment that will
only happen once. I can tell you what it feels like to compete
athletically against the best of the best.
I'm here to help, to support team agonothetai.
I'll keep my identity secret for now. Maybe if we get to know each
other better, I can say more.
Tell me your strengths, and which city team you're training with.
Let's make a plan for your team to win gold in August.
P.S. I'm chariton and thumos.
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