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// Diego (July 21, 2008)
In response to:
Team Argentina
James told me that neither Mauro or other Theo member will be able to take the ring. Not even himself would be able to take it.
This is my plan:
-This week we go to lernu.net and learn some phrases, words, etc. so we can go and tell them that we know a bit of Esperanto, that we love it and we want to learn more.
-We write to the Esperanto Society, saying that we want to take Esperanto classes (DON'T WRITE ANYTHING YET OR YOU COULD SPOIL ALL THE PLAAAAN)
-The site says that there are classes on Saturdays (very old), but maybe they still give lessons on Saturdays, if that's the case perhaps we could make labyrinth+ring all the same Saturday.
-We go to the society, we take the Esperanto class and at one moment we have to make that some of us distract the teacher/s so we can check the place in search of the ring.
-If we find the ring... run!!
-Once outside the society we split so they can't follow us, and we meet again at some meeting point.
And that's it... VICTORY.
Well, yes, I accept it, it's not THE plan, but it's what we have to do... recover it one way or another!!!
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