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[edit] El Codex y las 6 antiguas fortalezas (link)

[edit] March 22

Tomé el test de las antiguas fortalezas, soy mythopoeia... ¿ustedes qué son?

Actualización: creé temas en los foros con las 6 fortalezas, para que se anote cada uno según su fortaleza: mythopoeia, chariton, thumos, sophrosune, sofia y dikaiosune, cuando hagan el test por favor anotense en su respectivo tema, gracias!

(translation by Leonardo)
I did the ancient strengths test, I'm mythopoeia... Who are you?

Update: I created forum threads with the 6 strengths, so that each one can sign to their own strength: mythopoeia, chariton, thumos, sophrosune, sofia y dikaiosune, when you do the test, please sign in to your respective strength, thanks!
[edit] Video translation
Hello, how are you? I'm still on my trip but in the last days I could catch up with a lot of things that have been happening so I wanted to tell you about it so you can follow me.
Have you seen the secret site that the historian Eli Hunt gave us? Well, it seems this secret site is somehow giving us real geographic locations of the world and this places have got a hidden series of documents in Esperanto. Ariadne found one and other people of the world helped us recovering others and they've already found some in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia and it seems they are everywhere.
These documents are part of what is called the Codex of the Lost Ring that seems to be giving us information about... is like a manual or a guide about how to play the Ancient Sport of Olympia, how to be a good agonothetai and information about, too, of how to find the lost ring and what it is itself.
Well, the first document, that was found by Ariadne, is some kind of personality test that,actually, is for finding the Ancient Strenght of each of us. There are six strenghts and each person has at least one. I did that test thanks to some friends that helped me posting it online on the site and... well, I don't know if it is a coincidence or a cause but my ancient strength is Mythopoeia which is the same world that had unlocked in my head when exercising.
Mythopoeia is narrator,story-teller. What I wanted to ask you is, please, if you can, thanks to this test in the site, if you can do the test to know your ancient strength and communicate your result so we can see which strengths we have and with which strenghts we can count on.
Any friend that wants to help us with all this mystery, the search, please ask him to do this test and tell us his result. We need to know the ancient strenghts of the team.
Well, I'm going to continue investigating. Thanks.

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