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The Codex of the Lost Ring


Message from Jorge's six
(translation by thebruce)
The Codex of the Lost Ring
Antwerp - 11 November 1918

Today, we're optimistic. We believe we've found a way home, that the calculations of Rakhee are right, and that Akira's map will show us the way. We trust that Jules' theory about athletic synchronization is right, so even if we start to leave now, your world will have a second chance.

But we know how easily ancient traditions are lost. We saw how quickly (the limitations) were forgotten. The recidivism of 1916 shows how delicate the system can be.

We've taken 27 years in order to find our way, and finally, (it was Jorge's plan that caught a lucky turn of history) Jorge's plan for good luck to change history - Pierre de Coubertin's big project - gave us the best chance. But if you're reading this letter, we failed - and you will not have the luxury of waiting. You will have to write your own history.

So we leave behind this Codex. It details everything, what we learnt about the six of us, why we were sent here, and how the worlds works - and how we could fail.

We saw the consequences of this failure. During almost three decades, Micha was haunted with sights of broken worlds (worlds torn asunder ?) and worlds crushed. And if you found this first chapter of the Codex, your world is now in danger of dying.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can help. You must help. Find all 27 chapters of this Codex, and you'll be the new Image:Artifact1p1-greek.jpg {agonothetai} - powerful ring-leaders in a mission to recover the ancient secrets and bring back the grand traditions!

There does not exist a greater responsibility in this world, that what you have now.
And there isn't a bigger story than that which we're ready to give to you.

(signatures - Kelly, Micha, Jules, Jorge, Akira, Rakhee)


Chapter 1: Six Ancient Strengths
(translation by thebruce, polished by esperanto-tim)
Six ancient strengths

To save the world, the six must work together.

The journey begins with knowing one's own strength.

I like being the boss.
I believe that everyone's opinion is important.
I'm an excellent story teller.

I approach a life like it's an adventure.
I like to please other people.
I am an original thinker.

I hate to see somebody suffer, even my worst enemy.
I believe that I have a strong goal in a life.
I am always curious.

I am extremely loyal.
I like overcoming obstacles.
I like to clarify matters to others.

I can create order out of chaos.
I am optimistic about the future.
I am a very careful person.

I can empathize with others.
I have a huge imagination.
I do not yield.

I like to have all the facts.
I'm fascinated by other lands and cultures.
I often help to retain harmony in my group.

I am never too busy to help a friend.
People describe me as full of energy.
I can always see the big picture.

Others come to me for advice.
When I plan, I make sure that they succeed.
Even if I don't like someone, I deal with them fairly.

I prefer action to a words.
I help others cooperate well.
I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I make wise decisions.
I always see the beauty around me.
I am never bored.

Sofia creates seekers of knowledge.
Thumos creates adventurers.
Chariton creates links.
Dikaiosune creates leaders.
Sophrosune creates counsellors.
Mythopoeia creates truth-finders.

Proof of recovery: AI7P/I5DB/J2L4/N2IR/I80T


Chapter 2: The 6 Travellers (1/2)
(translation by Limako)
The 6 travelers Ch.2

We had forgotten everything when we woke up in this world.

Rakhee -- In a church courtyard in Trojaborg, Sweden
Akira -- Near a water mill (wheel) in Stora Anrås
Micha -- Behind the mill en Rocky Valley, Cornwall, Southwest England
Kelly -- On the cliffs of the archipelago of Scilly, near the southwest coast of Cornwall in England
Jorge -- On a farm in Stuartfield, Scotland
Jules -- In a cathedral, Bayeux, France

We were lucky, that the unusual manner of our arrival made a strong impression on the cityfolk who found us, half naked as we were, blindfolded, and reportedly unresponsive for several days and even then mostly unable to speak the local language. Information spread regarding our dramatic and unexplained appearance, and through great good fortune, those of us who awoke in the same region -- Rakhee and Akira, Micha and Kelly -- were soon brought together through distribution of local gossip.

However, it took more than a year for the rest of us to find one another and even longer for us to discover our true goal. If we hadn't had the tatoos on our right arms, I'm certain we would have been unsuccessful in our mission.

In the end, we learned to navigate using the code and used it to travel to the archeological site at Ancient Olympia. There we studied and questioned for many years, activating our lost memories, practicing our sport, and laying our plans.

Finally, we understood our mission like this: initiate your world with the lost traditions of the labyrinth and athletic synchronization, and restore a network of Image:artifact1B-greek.jpg{omphaloi}. If we succeeded, we would save not only many worlds, but also have the resources to return home.


Chapter 2: The 6 Travellers (2/2)
(translation by Limako and Verdulo)
We left this Codex behind us because we realized, that we were possibly not the first six sent to this world, and maybe not the last either. We want to help future travellers learn and act more quickly than us. One thing -- it was very difficult to be separated from our families and homes during this long time. Another thing is, that with each passing year, we carry the heavy burden of the knowledge that we risked the loss of other worlds. Because of those two things, it is imperative that some future initiation and activation be sped up by as many memory aids (as) possible.

This codex is your memory aid, and your clue.

We chose the language Esperanto for this text because of the difficulties we had communicating with each other. We are encouraged by the invention of a universal language, and intend, when we come back home, to write our own versions of the great work of Szmurlo. With a bit of good luck, by the time you read this, Esperanto will have become a second language for all universal travelers. Since it is still a new language for us, we hope you will forgive some translation errors which we made.

We are making seven copies of this text and intend to come home with one text each, leaving one behind here, spread out across the globe to ensure that it will be found and understood only by travelers of the same type. Accidental initiation and activation could be extremely dangerous for your world, and therefore we have tried to make it almost completely impossible for someone to have the knowledge herein unless they were sent on a mission to get it back.

We have signed every chapter of this copy with a proof of recovery, so if communication is restored across the worlds, we will be able to follow your progress. We believe that by help of this codex, you will be able to complete your mission within 5 years.

Remember, this is only the second of 27 chapters in the codex. We wish you good luck and safe travels in the vast voyages which you are undertaking to get them back.

Proof of recovery: JR01/SPL7/AG2I/JR28/1FB7

Translator's note: the word for "recovery" here (rehavigi) has a suffix (-ig-) which might imply getting something back for someone else, not for yourself.


Chapter 3: The Secret Ringmasters (1/2)
(translation by esperanto-tim)
As soon as we started to get our memories back, we set off to search for the Agonothetai. We believed that our main mission was to search for these secret game-keepers and inform them that their efforts keep failing for some reason. We would reteach them the ancient traditions.

After several years of unsuccessful searching, however, we had to conclude that the Agonothetai no longer existed in your world.

How is this possible? Until this day, we don't have clear answers.

When we first arrived, we learned that the ancient tradition of the Olympiad had been [lost/abandoned] in this world. But we hoped that the secret games were continuing in some form, even in the absence of the official Olympics.

We had a reason for our optimism. It surprised us to come across hundreds of labyrinths across the world. Some were several hundred years old. Others dated from as recently as the last several decades.

We were enthused to find that the art of labyrinth making had not been lost -- on the contrary, it was flourishing. But we were curious as to who was making these labyrinths, and why, if not the Agonothetai.

All indications now lead us to the belief that the crucial aim of the labyrinth – to link the worlds and enable athletic synchronization – was not only completely forgotten in your world; it had been consciously destroyed many centuries previously, forcing a few to continue the tradition in secret.

We don't know what happened to the few who continued the responsibilities of the Agonothetai in secret. What we do know for certain is that no-one is left today to essential task to save the worlds.

We of course tried to find allies sympathetic to our cause. We went to no less than Herculean lengths to persuade historians, archaeologists and local chiefs everywhere we traveled of the need to understand the ancient traditions. However, with such a paucity of evidence on my part, the six of us were unable to convince more than a few.

We failed to construct new Agonothetai worthy of the task.


Chapter 3: The Secret Ringmasters (2/2)
(translation by Tim)

When we learned of the great project of Pierre de Coubertin, we thought we had found a solution to the problem of the missing Agonothetai. We could use the modern Olympics as a primary means of synchronization.

At the same time, we could depend on the labyrinth builders today to organize this world*... even without their knowledge. [*Translator's note: the word here is given as "modo" in the original and means "fashion", but is probably a typo, and should say "mondo", i.e. "world". I've put "world in my translation above.]

The little paths here are the same as ours. Parallel journeys would seem to be possible, even without the ancient knowledge of the aim which they serve. With so many labyrinths and cultures around the world dedicated to passing into labyrinths, we believe that it's possible to organise even without Agonothetai.

But if we're wrong, then the task of creating a new [gap in original text] will undoubtedly rest on the shoulders of travelers, to reconstruct the ancient organization* for modern times. [*This word actually appears in English, not in Esperanto, in the original; probably just a typo.]

If you were sent here in a team of six, then undoubtedly this task will be the core of your mission. You must recruit members for a new Agonothetai and if your team of six is similar to ours, you are most probably Olympic athletes, or ever Agonothetai from your own worlds.

You do have the required knowledge and talent required to carry out this mission, whether or not you are aware of it yet.

The Mission

You must establish new Agonothetai. [Note that "Agonothetai" is plural here, but I don't know what the plural is in English – "Agonothetais", or something else?] Their members must be trusted individuals, on all continents, capable of building labyrinths and practising the lost sport.

They must be dedicated to the learning of the science of athletic synchronization, must understand the theory of the many worlds, and must build and secure a network of Omphaloi.

These new Agonothetai will be more than game-keepers. They will be "ring leaders"* guiding your world's journey back to the synchronized ring of many worlds. [*Note: the words "ring leaders" appear in English, in quotes, in the original document.]

You cannot leave this world until you are certain that these new "ring leaders" * are capable of secretly continuing the ancient traditions after you have gone home. [*Strangely, the first 14 words of this paragraph, i.e. You cannot ... "ring leaders", appear in English in the middle of all the Esperanto in the original document.

Proof of recovery: 25MC/I2YJ/LAH5/I8MR/R72S


Chapter 4: Finding space for the labyrinth
(translation by Nicolas)
Finding Space For a Labyrinth
Situating Your Labyrinth

Χαρις [Kharis, in Greek letters] are responsible for choosing and communicating the sites for labyrinths.

A training labyrinth can be created in some smooth, open place.

A 3-circuit training labyrinth needs a playing space of 12x14 feet.

A 5-circuit training labyrinth needs a playing space of 18x22 feet.

A 7-circuit Official Olympic labyrinth needs a playing space of 26x30 feet.

A synchronizing labyrinth must be created at a special, predetermined place. The worlds will agree about a specific set of coordinates - longitude and latitude - for the center of the labyrinth. You must center your labyrinth at these chosen coordinates, or the synchronization will fail.

Hiding your labyrinth

Because your labyrinth is a lost sport in your world, you must find places, where you will not draw undesired attention to your creation.

During our own training for our 1920 synchronizing event, we found success by "hiding" our labyrinths in the clear view of the un-initiated. To escape their sight, we chose places where sport, playing, festivals and other special events often take place.

Our training places during the years 1916-1918:

Proof of recovery: MB53/2hNK/33Ah/Zh72/KAV3


Chapter 5: Preparing the human labyrinth (1/2)
(translation by not attributed)
Preparing the human labyrinth

Dikaiosune are responsible for putting together and administering a team to arrange the labyrinth before training sessions and competitions.

The dikaiosune must be sure the design of the labyrinth is precisely equal to the design of the training labyrinth or the official Olympic labyrinth as shown below: (design showing red lines, identified as "clew no. 1", and white lines, identified as "clew no. 2" with a note indicating that they are separated by 2 ft.)

The labyrinth for the Olympics

Athletes that are trained and develop their strengths will learn that they can finish the labyrinth designed for the Olympics. 8 turnings are needed to escape the official Olympic labyrinth.


Chapter 5: Preparing the human labyrinth (2/2)
(translation by not attributed)
Athletes training for Olympic competition use shorter labyrinths to develop their speed, courage, and sense of direction (literally "becoming oriented cleverness").

First-time runners must try the 3-circuit labyrinth. 4 turnings are needed to escape it.

More experienced runners can train on the 5-circuit labyrinth. 5 turnings are needed to escape it.

(hand written note: The 5-circuit labyrinth).

Proof of Recovery: 9JRL/ADIM/I0OC/JMC2/KMHI


Chapter 6: How to create the walls
(translation by limako)
How to create the walls
The walls of the labyrinth are formed with athletes' bodies.
A 3-circuit training labyrinth needs at least 10 athletes, plus the runner.
A 5-circuit training labyrinth needs at least 12 athletes, plus the runner.
A 7-circuit official Olympic labyrinth needs at least 15 athletes, plus the runner.
All athletes, except the runner, stand on a string, forming walls around the runner.
Unless you assemble a very large team of 150 or more, you will not have enough athletes to make the entire labyrinth at the beginning of the competition.
Instead, you will create the walls when they are needed, beginning in the center and accordingly outward. While the runner moves through the labyrinth, the wall moves with the runner.
During competition
When the runner approaches you, start to turn.
When the runner goes by you, cease humming.
When the runner is completely past you, leave your place and move along the way.
The wall has to move faster than the runner to ensure that the the runner is always surrounded by walls.
The wall should never speak to the runner.
The wall must never intentionally touch the runner.
If the runner becomes disoriented, the runner may run directly into the wall. The wall must maintain its balance and stand firm.
The Sophrusune {greek} is responsible for ensuring that all members of the wall obey these rules.
Proof of Recovery: JKC7/C8JB/5ARH/MBM2/3ITE


Chapter 7: While running in the labyrinth
(translation by Hikaro & Nicolas)
While running in the labyrinth

You will begin at the center of the labyrinth, and will navigate your way outwards.
You will be blindfolded during the length of the event.
You will keep your arms folded across your chest at all times.
You will navigate by sound. The wall will hum in order to guide you.
You will run through the labyrinth by yourself.
Your time will be measured. Finish the labyrinth as quickly as possible.


To navigate the labyrinth blindfolded is very disorienting, but an exciting experience.
To train to become a labyrinth runner means to develop these skills:

Becoming Spatially Oriented
Maintaining Speed


Speed is relative inside the labyrinth. The majority of the labyrinth runners do not in fact run instead they walk as quickly as possible.
The majority of runners will never actually run an entire labyrinth to the end, even after years of training. It is an unobtainable achievement to which each runner aspires, but only the best succeed.


Runners are disqualified on account of the following actions:
Removing the blindfold
Knocking down the wall
Returning to the center by mistake
Reversing direction and moving backwards to the center, past the end of the wall, if the wall is moving further along the path.
In all of these cases, the Sophros[u]ne [Greek letters] are responsible for the identification and announcement of disqualifiers.

Proceeding Strategies

Control your fear! Fear is the biggest obstacle to speed in the labyrinth.
Remember the design of the labyrinth so that you can see it in your mind when you are blindfolded! Find or create labyrinth floor plans. Practice walking and running on it without a blindfolded. This develops muscle memory of the design.

The thumos [Greek Letters] is responsible for training and development of running talent. They often are themselves superior runners.

Proof of Reprocurement: R8KP/HJD2/BN2M/ENV3/7JAA


Chapter 8: Doors and Parallel Paths
(translation by Hikaro)
Doors and Parallel Paths Ch. 8

Agonothetai organize synchronous labyrinths across the many worlds because they create a perfect coordination: one design, one path, and one direction.

All synchronous labyrinth runners share a single journey, experienced in perfect parallel, creating a little wave of powerful synchronicity across the many, many worlds.

This sudden explosion of synchronicity pulls the worlds closer temporarily, creating a door only long enough to allow communication and movement between them.

To create perfectly parallel and synchronous contests is very challenging, and certain strength is required to ensure success.

The Dikaiosune are responsible, during the Synchronizing Events, for measuring the time of the commencement of the contest at the precise prearranged interval by the multiple worlds.

The Mythopoeia are responsible for creating independent coordinating reports about labyrinth training sessions and contests. These documents must include as many details as possible about the athletes and the location.

The Agonothetai, and specifically the Sophrosune, will compile and study these coordinating reports, analyzing them for details which possibly weakened or strengthened the tested alignment.

Proof of Recovery: C6FB/C7ER/333G/8R2A/XV7Q


Chapter 9: From stone to human
(translation by Nicolas)
From Stone to Human

This much we know.

In 480 BC, an alliance of Ancient Greek city-states forbade the Labyrinth as a sport. A decree announced:

The power of these blindfolded athletes is too great.

The Labyrinth permits mere mortals to see that which we are not entitled to see.

We offended the Gods.

We plead for their absolution of us.

The Labyrinth sport no longer exists.

Almost every single stone labyrinth was “dismunita” (taken down). Only labyrinths made for worship of the gods remained unspoiled, and they were carefully guarded in order to forbid the return of the athletes.

Training diaries, plaques of champions, statues of heroes – all indications of the Labyrinth athletes were destroyed.

The post of the Olympic agonothetai, the official organizers and judges of the Labyrinth, was abolished forever.

Most importantly, organizing a Labyrinth event was declared a crime against the gods – punishable with lifelong exile.

This had to be the end of the Labyrinth. But it was not.

A secret society of former agonothetai refused to abandon the sport. They wrote a pact:

The most important game should not be forgotten. The ring must not be broken. In order to retain the worlds within, we will continue the playing.

They thus decided to continue both the training and competition of Labyrinth runners. No longer heroes of the Ancient Olympiad, the runners would be secret keepers of the great tradition.

But in order to avoid being found and removed, the agonothetai needed a way to build labyrinths which could be born out of nothing and would leave no sign behind.

Since that moment, the sport changed forever. Instead of stone walls, the Labyrinth should be alive.

Proof of Recovery: 83JC/HJP8/E6SK/5MAB/211Z


Chapter 10: Parallel Geography
(translation by MauroKing correction by Hikaro & Nicolas)
Parallel Geography
We always begin the labyrinth contest at the centre, so that the multiple worlds can align their simultaneous runners at precisely the same place on the surface of the globe.
Precise global coordinates for the centres of the labyrinths are found from and made common beforehand by the agonothetai across multiple worlds.
These coordinates may coincide with different villages and cities in different worlds. This is because the same villages and cities are situated differently in the several worlds, depending on their continental structure.
Therefore the coordinates of each labyrinth must be adjusted in order to envelop the continental form in each world. Your Paris is possibly at the same place Moscow is in an other world, for example.
In some cases, a remapping will show simultaneous labyrinths are not possible. The urban labyrinth of one world possibly will be situated in the middle of your ocean, or in dangerous mountain terrain.
Therefore, in order to coordinate with the maximum number of possible worlds, a single world will often cause a simultaneous labyrinth to take place in six varied places, each mapping to a practicable place in an at least one ring of other worlds.
The Sofia are responsible for serving as parallel geographers. They calculate the places required for the simultaneous labyrinths, based on their understanding of the geography of the six diverse world-types.
Proof of Recovery: MA84/J20N/W593/JW52/BH34


Chapter 11: Many Worlds (1/2)
(translation by GeekDream, Rowen, Hikaro)
Each action doesn't have an equal and opposite reaction. You hardly would call a turn to the left, for example, the same as creating a parallel universe in which you turn right.

However, exactly that occurs.

Parallel Universes

Reality is made out of many parallel universes -- billions and billions of parallel universes.

Each universe represents a unique version of how reality could exist.

Think about reality as a giant tree with billions of branches growing in different directions. Each branch represents a different world where a unique versions of reality occurs.

When any decision is made in one world, a new couple of branches grow out of the tree representing that which would occur in each possible result. And as more decisions are made by people in those worlds, reality rebranches, and again, and again.

Each branch is just as real as every other branch, even though they often represent a wholly opposite version of reality.


Chapter 11: Many Worlds (2/2)
(translation by GeekDream & Hikaro)
It's difficult to believe if you grew up in a world where the laws of the many universes still were not proven. But they are not fictitious things. Even in the world in which we find ourselves now, quantum physicists are starting to learn about a wave-particle duality which proves that reality can exist in different states until we observe and therefore tie them to a single dimension.

In this world, Einstein does not perhaps already have full understanding of pan-cosmology but perhaps he will uncover the truth of it at some time, as a number of scientists in the other worlds, and perhaps even other Einsteins, already have.

Laws of the Many Universes

In almost every way, all of these so many worlds are exactly the same. For example, each world possesses exactly the same laws of reality. Gravity exists in trillions and trillions of Earths. Two plus two is four everywhere. But in other ways, each universe is unique because history developed differently in each place.

Human History

In human terms, each decision made in one universe was made differently in another. Each path followed, each door opened, each vote given, each unity ended, each of these became turned from contrarily, in at least one universe.

Based on the decisions which we make, each human conscience is connected to one's own road through reality. Although each possible historical timeline exists simultaneously, we only have the right to ride on one road. We only experience one single version of history.

We design our own road through reality by means of the choices which we make. We never go within the side of the life we design for ourselves.

But are you ever curious about what would have happened if you had made a different decision, if you had gone by a different road? Somewhere in the multiverse, another version of you already knows precisely what would have occurred - because they lived through it.

Geological History

In geological terms, this Earth itself made various "decisions".

Many movements of the crust of this Earth, through trillions of years formed our oceans and continents. But this movement occurred in different beats {takt-=musical time} or in different directions in different worlds. And this different movement in parallel universes formed very different oceans and different continents.

Therefore in some worlds, we live through our parallel lives on surfaces of the Earth which look very different compared to some other globes.

Proof of Reprocurement: S33C/AH24/FEK8/G87T/IB76


Chapter 12: Pan-Cosmology
(translation by Nicolas & MauroKing)

Pan-cosmology, a lost science in this world, is the study of the parallel universes. Pan-cosmologists study other worlds with Omphaloi in the same manner as the astronomer studies the stars and planets with telescopes.

The Pan-Cosmology Classification System (PCCS) organizes the many billions of groups of universes into six main groups, based on the similarities and differences in the arrangement of continents on the surface of each Earth.

Extended study of other worlds with the Omphaloi revealed that each out of the Earths in our present-day reality seems to exist in one out of six forms, shown below:

Proof of Reprocurement: ORA9/174K/7K55/6E7S/835U


Chapter 13: The Danger of Neo-Pangaea (1/2)
(translation by limako)
The Danger of Neopangaea

For centuries, pan-cosmologists were confused by the relatively few kinds of earths observed through the Omphalos network.

Why should there be only 6 types among billions and billions of worlds? Why should there not be billions and billions of different continental formations?

When pan-cosmologists began observations through the Omphalos, they discovered that the majority of the worlds were in the form of Pangaea. The second largest group were Gondwana, followed by smaller groups in Nuna and Kenorland forms. The smallest groups were Gaea -- which is the form in which we six current live -- and Neopangaea.

Through time, however, pan-cosmologists noticed that the number of observed worlds in the state of Neopangaea was growing dramatically -- and the number of all other forms, except Pangaea, was much reduced.

Not until the early 18th century could pan-cosmologists explain these two mysteries -- the very small number of possible states and the frequent changes among the distribution of states.

The Theory of Rapid Continental Change

In 1726, an alliance of scientists working through coordinated worlds proposed a theory to clarify the six types.

They theorized that the normalization of continental structure served as a natural method of synchronization for the many worlds when the multiverse approached the Upper Limit.

According to this theory, reality constantly reorganizes the arrangement of the continents into six normal formations in order to as quickly as possible do away with very large numbers of differences among the various worlds.

The result of these changes is a rapid reduction in the number of total contemporaneous worlds.

Rapid continental change therefore most likely happens when reality approaches the maximum number of contemporaneous worlds.

And the default direction of change seems to be to the state of Neopangaea.


Chapter 13: The Danger of Neo-Pangaea (2/2)
(translation by limako (fix by Nicolas))
External Worlds

When the universe becomes too dissimilar regarding the many other worlds, often the result of the continued evolution of human civilization, it becomes what pan-cosmologists call an "external world".

The more external the world, the more likely its risk for Rapid Continental change.

According to the calculations of the scientists, worlds in the Gaea state currently are at the greatest risk of Rapid Continental change. Compared to the billions of other worlds, there are so few Gaea worlds that just being in the Gaea state raises a dangerously high grade of dissimilarity. On the other hand, the worlds in Pangea's state can change (this word is not exact) by means of many, many non-geological methods before the same degree of risk confronts that a world Gaia.

Recently, geological science in the world in which we not find ourselves proposed a theory of continental drift which is similar to the pan-cosmological theory with one critical exception.

The theory of continental drive in this earth proposes that billions of years have to pass for the movement of the continents. But through the Omphalos pan-cosmologists have seen a very different scenario.

According to visions at the Omphalos, the change in fact happens seemingly during only a moment; there are massive geologic changes during the blink of an eye. Scientists have beheld the even, and the influence of so rapid a change on human civilization can be extraordinarily destructive.

Cities are destroyed, peoples torn asunder, cultures are lost, and lives of those left living after the cataclysm are changed forever.

That's why its more and more important for pan-cosmologists to search out the worlds at risk, world which are becoming more and more dissimilar with respect to the many others, so that they can intervene and reduce the dissimilarity.

We now believe that for this reason, we were sent to this world -- to find the means to reduce the number of difference through the human synchronization method, before this world is drawn into the state of Neopangaea.

Proof of Recovery: VE49/5R21/1VA2/214R/K117


Chapter 14: The Limits of Many Worlds
(translation by Nicolas & MauroKing)
The Limits of the Many Worlds

However incalculably large the multiverse, it has limits. It cannot grow infinitely large.

The number of the many worlds can grow higher than any imaginable number. But scientists believe that there is a limit as to how many worlds reality can support simultaneously. This is the “upper limit” of reality and nobody knows precisely what would occur if that upper limit is passed.

The most often accepted theory is that passing the maximum limit of reality would bring about a type of elastic reaction in the opposite direction, maybe perhaps thus dropping everybody from the billions of worlds into a single world, where reality would start again from the beginning.

A new birth of the multiverse.

For 99.9 x 10^8 percent of the beings across the many worlds, this would be a somewhat tragic event. Luckily, reality has a natural mechanism for decreasing the number of simultaneous worlds.

The majority of trifling decisions eventually lead to the same result. Whether a leaf falls to the earth or not, or a fish swims up or down, or a proton rotates to the left or to the right - these trifling differences have precisely the same result. As a result, there is no need that the multiverse represent both possible results. Reality can reunite the multiple branches which it created in order to show multiple results into a single branch.

Reality therefore constantly decreases the number of simultaneous worlds, even though at the same time it constantly creates new ones.

This is a carefully balanced act, and it does not always seem to succeed. In fact, human civilizations across the multiverse apparently put the multiverse at risk due to reaching the upper limit.

Human history, according to scientists, brought about an extremely rapid increase in the number of worlds. Our constant exercising of free will creates an unusually large number of worlds whose results never return to a single branch.

When results are not successful in synchronising, an alternative – and from a human perspective, less desirable – natural synchronising method could occur, the Quick Continental Change. This seems to be a method which is unable to have frequent elastic reactions. Apparently Mother Nature does not like to re-start matters. That gives us a small advantage. Quick Continental Changes are preferable to the destruction of the entire multiverse, but cataclysmic spontaneous changes to the continental structure of the Earth are still very undesirable events for human beings.

What pan-cosmologists observe are consistencies to the incalculable number of decisions made across each world in each moment. Each difference which we create in our lives moves the remainder of the worlds closer to that dangerous upper limit.

This, understandably, is why so many worlds take part in co-ordinating and synchronising rites – such as the labyrinth and the Multiverse Olympiad.

Proof of Recovery: MA87/4NE2/GHQ5/Y382/MEG8


Chapter 15: The Prophecy
(translation by Chid12)
The Prophecy

The possible danger of Neopangaea, when the five come together, is well known across the many worlds.

But in this Gaea-world, we don’t have the right to talk about the danger – or about the solution. Instead, we will show it.

Sometimes, the best way to a keep a secret is in the clear sight of others.

Today, ancient wisdom is being kept in the most modern symbol.

As soon as you have precisely spaced the continents, it would be ideal to circle each continent and then to attach small arrows showing the direction of the move (the joining of the continents). The circles would have to appear as diagrammatic circles, and we do NOT want the circles to be connected, as in the Olympic Symbol. The circles would have to be further apart than in the Olympics symbol. Five circles in the same 3 x 2 form, but not connected in any way.

In the future,
the world comes together,
except that today,
the world comes together.

Proof of Recovery: 4G1A/777X/N236/209K/874P


Chapter 16: Athletic Alignment (1/2)
(translation by Chid12)

Imagine, that after you finish reading this, you take it off (put it aside) and continue your daily life! Small deviations in the position of your body accumulate, until this time tomorrow your body will be, across the many worlds, in incalculably many places on the surface of the planet.

But: if you tend to follow a routine, there will be times when you will almost be in the same place. When you lie in bed, or sit at the breakfast table, some people from your parallel selves across different universes will be in precisely the same place, making points of congruence. This is not a photographic effect. It is becoming a place (it is becoming located), it is imprecise, and not very visible against the background of fogging of the billions and billions of worlds.

But understand, that you could align your body precisely, with the skilfulness and precision and grace of an Olympic-level athlete! Understand, that you could plan, a week before, to go to precisely the right place, and to hold your body according to precisely the right manner! Understand that you could do sport by your best skilfulness, bring about your absolute pointed (?)(to your absolute summit of your realization [in the sense of making real]}, so there is almost no difference from one activity to another.


Chapter 16: Athletic Alignment (2/2)
(translation by Chid12)
In this moment of athletic co-ordination, the parallel selves across very different worlds would be in precisely the same place. And suppose, that you close your eyes and that be sufficiently conscious about small pulls, small strengths (forces) which you could feel where your body and mind were coordinated, across universes, with the most points of relation (correlation)! And let us suppose that with tiny moves, you could coordinate yourself with other yous.

Two things would happen.

One is, that your body would be a bridge, powerfully directing strengths (forces) out of one world to another, changing the topology of the multiverse, seaming universes there.

The other is – if you were extremely precise about the place of your body, position and moves, your mind would experience a miniature version of the natural synchronisation of the worlds, co-ordinating with another copy of you yourself. Memories, thoughts, ideas could jump across the crack, so that your mind would travel from one you to the other.

During that moment of physical co-ordination, your own brain would act how the omphaloi communicates across the many worlds, while creating a navel (umbilicus) which draws together the worlds.

You would open your eyes and suddenly there would be at least one less world in the multiverse –but without any kind of destruction, without any kind of change. Through take care of an (Through this carefully) orchestrated merger, smaller, more secure number of simultaneous worlds co-exist. Reality would remain inside from its upper limit – at least for now.

And you would suddenly have memories of another world.

Athletic co-ordination is that with which we recovered our memories, and how you will recover yours. It is also how we intend to keep this world safe for now.

Pruvo de Rehavigo: 5474/WAS8/541S/9424/50MJ


Chapter 17: Multiverse Olympics (1/2)
(translation by Chid12)
Multiverse Olympiad

We'd guess, that you would want to bring about many simultaneous congruencies and correlations across the many worlds. We'd guess, that you would want to create a powerful group of synchronised worlds in order to resist the tide of Neopangaea, in order to prevent elastic reaction of the many worlds in one (Remark: "elastic reaction" is explained in Ch. 14).

Will you attempt the construction of pyramids, stone colonnades, monuments coordinated precisely by astronomical observers? Maybe. But to the builders working with you, one stone would probably be as good as another, thus in one universe they would maybe choose one, in another, would scrape away that slight piece of moss or would allow it. Having two different heaps of rocks in the same place in two different universes would not be a lot of help to you.

The best method would be a self-regulating homeostatic system which you could put precisely in a human body.

Ideally a lot of them.

A group of human beings wandering around, loosely organized, working at some common task would be a good beginning – but would still be too chaotic.

So we’d guess instead, that you would want to bring close together the phenomenon of an athletic coordinate on a mass scale.

What would happen, if you were to take athletes out of the Hellenic world, and force them to train for many months at Elis, perfecting their moves in order to be the absolutely quickest, optimising them about the best method to run on paths? And then force them at pre-arranged times, to run the same paths, un-varying across thousands of years?


Chapter 17: Multiverse Olympics (2/2)
(translation by Chid12)
Why not search across big distances to find the best runners, so that even in universes where history has gone in extensively different directions, if such a runner is born, it will be a good chance that he will run just upon that crack, on that same day?

You would maybe help to save the world.

After the new catastrophe of 1815, the Multiworld Athletic Committee needed almost half of a century to communicate its plans to enough worlds to a make a difference.

Agonothetai in hundreds of thousands of worlds worked tirelessly to create an organisation, an international contest based onthe model of the ancient Olympics.

They put together as much as possible of the lost knowledge of Elis, coordinated events and places across the worlds, making sure that the Olympiad of the Multiverse should grow, should flourish, and should become truly international in their own worlds. More importantly, they made sure that they should happen at the same times and in the same places on the surface of the Earth, even across the six different types of worlds

When we first arrived into this world almost 30 years ago, it was still not member of the Multiversal Olympiad. Today, the restored tradition seems that it probably will flourish.

Nevertheless, based on our best knowledge, no-one in this world besides we six acknowledges the world-saving importance of the games. Not one a historian seems to even acknowledge the true aim of the Ancient Greeks when they organized their own world-saving games.

We can only hope, that their own reasons for the creation of international games, their desire to unite the world in a spirit of sportsmanship, will force this world to keep the tradition alive. If yes, the other worlds can always watch as a spectator and coordinate – if we keep omphaloi in this world open.

Proof of Recovery: SS71/124P/84JH/HFGS/CEAS


Chapter 18: The Oath
(translation by Retzglaran)
On every world which celebrates the Multiversal Olympiad, the agonothetai recite the following oath at the opening ceremonies:

Of course, in some worlds this is a public ceremony - in others, a secret ceremony.

You must learn that oath, and teach it to your own agonothetai.

All of the parallel worlds are equally real.

But one is the original world, the world from which history was born, the world from which is the source of all assembled knowledge.

The original world is the true unique omphaloi, the navel of reality itself.

There the Oracle of Delphi first acquired vision.

There the Oracle of Delphi brought about the first who saw the many, the first who saw the six, the first who witnessed the bloodshed. ("... witnessed the change"?)

We will protect the one true omphaloi against the change, by means of the glory of our sport, and the honor of our teams.

We convene in the spirit of unity. We rescued the one to save the many.

As one circle of athletes we celebrate the world, for the celebration of all the worlds.

Proof of recovery: 8IXW/2M00/GDPN/ZTU5/JK24


Chapter 19: Parallel Selves (1/2)
(translation by Chid12)
We did not meet anyone from our own parallel selves in this Gaea world. None of us would do that, except Jorge, who remembers his own home as a Gaea world.

Even if this is so, it is extremely improbable that any one human being exists in any specific world. We could travel to billions of other worlds before meeting another version of ourselves.

But we know, that our parallel selves do indeed exist somewhere. We are certain, that in at least one other world, all six of us have other selves who chose not to undertake this trip, who never left their home world.

On our most difficult days, we often are desire that we are those other six. On the days when we progress, we are glad that we are these six, the six who risked. And on the days when we feel in our hearts the importance of our mission to the multiverse, when we feel the honour of our service to the many worlds, we knows that we six could never even be the other six. We six would always choose to travel, again and again and again.

There is a ritual to find, and communicate with, such parallel selves.

It is called the Personal Labyrinth, and they say, that this rite allows a personal a co-ordination across many worlds.

In the great plan of the many worlds, the parallel selves of one person becomes an infinitesimally small part of the multiverse. A personal co-ordination cannot save the world from change.

However, many personal co-ordinations in one world indeed make that world more open to co-ordinations and synchronisations from other worlds. When many individuals finish the rite of the Personal Labyrinth, the world is prepared for a much bigger co-ordination, and a much bigger synchronisation.

Therefore, every four years during the twelve weeks before the opening ceremonies of the Multiversal Olimpiad, everyone from the different cultures across the many worlds gather to finish their personal labyrinths.


Chapter 19: Parallel Selves (2/2)
(translation by Chid12)
Personal Labyrinths
The rite is simple. There are five stages:

First, you must choose a labyrinth.

Some labyrinths cans be chosen – a painted labyrinth, a stone labyrinth, a planted labyrinth (labyrinth made from plants), even a temporary labyrinth made for the event. The sole exception is, that you must not create a human labyrinth for this personal rite. (in many worlds, the human labyrinth is still secret, and must not be part of this public tradition.)

Secondly, you must sign the labyrinth register.

You must show to the many worlds your intentions to finish the rite beforehand, by signing the labyrinth register.

In the register, you must write your name, your location, your chosen place for the labyrinth, and the date that you intend to finish the rite. You must write this information at least one a day beforehand.

The labyrinth register must be kept in the omphaloi. Typically, each main city has its own register.

Thirdly, you must identify your world-creating moment.

A world-creating moment is the life-changing personal decision which you made during the last four years, since the preceding ritualistic period. You must draw a diagram of your world-creating moment.

At the top of the diagram, write the decision which faced you, and the date when you decided, to your best recollection! Use arrows in order to indicate the possible choices! Under the left-hand arrow, you should write the choice which you made in this world. Moving to the right, write under other arrows the other one, two, three or more choices which you perhaps would already have finished making in parallel worlds.

Fourthly, you must prepare your scroll.

On the scroll, draw the diagram of the recent world-creating decision which you made.

You will carry your scroll while you finish the running of your personal labyrinth.

Fifthly, and finally, you will run the labyrinth.

On the day you chose, you should go to the labyrinth and should walk it from the outside in, then towards the outside again. Carry your scroll.

While you’re finishing the walk, you should imagine that you are a parallel self. You must imagine, in as much in detail as possible, what kind of other world you created with your decision, and what kind of other life.

If you have some perceptions or visions during your run, you should write them down afterwards and share them with friends and family-members. Is a tradition that friends and familial should unite after they have finished their personal labyrinths to discuss their experiences and share their visions.

Proof of Recovery: 6LL2/KAR8/057S/RPD0/849A


Chapter 20: Secrets of the Omphaloi
(translation by Chid12)
The Ancient Greeks were the first to uncover the secret of the many worlds, at least four thousand years ago.

Today we remember that time as an age of mythology. Hercules and Theseus, Achilles and Odysseus, fantastic stories of the Gods. We remember it as an epoch of imagination.

However for the Greeks, it was an epoch of inquiry, and of true marvels.

Their stories about the Gods were not fictional, and they are not intended to be metaphors for life on this Earth.

They were based on real events, true stories observed with sacred stones. Their myths were metaphors for life on other earths, for alternative realities occurring in a great parallel across the many worlds.

In Ancient Greece, at each main temple stood a sacred stone, or omphaloi. According to ancient history, oracles at the temples would float above the omphaloi to receive communication from the gods. According to all reports, this is the story which the majority of Ancient Greeks believed - the oracle at the omphaloi received stories, visions and messages from the Gods.

But a select group of counselors knew better.

The oracles communicated with other worlds.

Approximately 10 years ago, we six travelers watched as spectators, amused and were pleased, while archaeologists in this world presented a new theory about the temple at Delphi.

Delphi was the site of the most important omphaloi in the entire Helenic world. Based on both Ancient Greek histories and recent digging of its temple, archaeologists proposed that the site was built on two hidden and very active faults. These faults were rumoured (said) to form a cross precisely under the ruined temple, forming a knot of geological instability.
In many other worlds, this theory was already a proved fact.

We already knew for a very long time that if the Rapid Continental Change occurred in ancient times, the correct epicentre of the great restructuring would be directly under the temple at Delphi.

We already knew or a very long time, that the visions of the oracles at the omphaloi are why the Ancient Greeks already had such a progressive knowledge of global geography - through watching fracturing geographies occurring in other worlds.

And we knew that this is why they were so compelled to perfect their own system for massive synchronization – the Ancient Olympics.

Proof of Recovery: PRNK/0Z3P/OWGC/S8BC/REH7


Chapter 21: Visions (1/2)
(translation by unknown)
We know the wonders which the ancient oracles saw with their omphaloi, during those first days of multiversal communication.
We know, that the ancient Olympiad was created in order to celebrate these wonders – honouring the many, and uniting the worlds in a spirit of unity.
But we also know the terrible things, which the ancient oracles saw with their omphaloi.
We know, that the agonothetai designed many of the traditions of the ancient Olimpiado not only to celebrate - but also to be careful. They tried to prevent the hugest terrible thing from occurring in their own world.
And we know which terrible events can still occur today, when the worlds fail to keep and honour these great traditions.
The First Catastrophe and the New Catastrophe
In 500 BC and in 1815 AD, the worlds ended.
First the oracles, and then the scientists watched with their omphaloi. They watched the end of other worlds.
Great fires burnt. The earth shook. Seas leapt out of their ways. Everything collapsed – and was then pulled again into totally new shapes.
Pangaea, the form from which all differences came, returned but this time in a new form. Neopangaea. The oracles and the scientists watched these things – the changes revealed before their own eyes.
And after the great destruction, a strange mix of survivors roamed in a single continent surrounded by a single sea. They wandered, seemingly for ages, until so few survivors remained that mostly differences collapsed again (... that most of the differences collapsed again ?), and Neopangaea was a single world once again.


Chapter 21: Visions (2/2)
(translation by chid12)
The Ancient Greeks tried to intervene
For centuries, the ancient Olympians guarded our world and those from our alliances - nevertheless, few knew their true aim.
Even while functioning secretly, they succeeded. And the First Catastrophe did not happen again - not for a very long time.
Afterwards, with the repression of the ancient Olympics by the Roman Empire across many worlds, the multiverse suffered due to a dangerous sudden wave of new worlds. The worlds were constantly a majority, and without any great co-operative aspiration for restoring the co-ordination of the worlds.
As a result, already by the early 19th century all but a few thousand worlds were destroyed, and the surviving worlds were mostly severely damaged.
This was the new catastrophe.
The agonothetai across the many worlds tried again to intervene. That helped, but there were too many important worlds still not part of the circle of allied worlds.
In fact, Micha has visions with our own temporary omphaloi, he informs us that changes still happen - however still not at the scale of the first or the new catastrophe.
We're staying for a time - but not for long. We are firmly decided to prevent the catastrophe happening again.

Proof of Recovery: J0ER/QGA8/994S/LFGN/682O


Chapter 22: Design of the Omphalos
(translation by Chid12)
Who made the first omphaloi, and what sort of message was the sculpture aiming to communicate?

Since ancient times, the majority of omphaloi were drawn in the form of the omphaloi: of Delphi: dome-shaped statues, made from stone, and chiselled in order to appear as net-covered stone.

Nevertheless according to ancient histories, the statue at Delphi which survives today was not the first omphaloi at that place. It was the second omphaloi – a copy made in the 4th century BC. The first true omphaloi was different. It was made from a special type of a stone – aerolite – and was covered with a true woven net called argenon.

The original sacred stone fell out of the sky.


Why did the ancient Greeks cover aerolite with a net?

In many worlds, historians believe that the original design of the omphaloi was the work of the original agonothetai – a direct allusion to their own labyrinths.

The woven design of the ‘diktuon’ was snake-like and circular, exactly the same as the labyrinth. And indeed, Dedalo, in Greek mythology, built the first labyrinth as a series of “waving (undulating) nets”

One also knows, that the temple at Delphi, later a shrine to Apollo the sun god, was initially created as a sacred-place to Gaea, the god of the earth.

If the agonothetai created the omphaloi, the design could very easily be an encoded message, sacred reminders covering the earth with labyrinths.

Design instructions

Find or create a rock in the shape of a dome (cupola) or egg-shaped (ovoid) sphere.

Cover the surface with circular, interconnected lines.

The lines should go in a circle, unbroken, and irregularly spaced.

The lines should "interigxigu"* at least 27 times, creating 27 knots.

The lines should cross the largest part of the surface area – ideally, 85% or more.
* Obviously this word is important, but I don't know how to translate it:
- "inter" means 'between';
- "igxi" is a suffix which means 'becoming';
- 'igu' is the imperative form of 'get', 'cause', or 'make'.

I can't really work it out but I guess it means something like 'inter-connect' or 'inter-cross' or 'intersect', something like that.

Actually, the word is "inter-lig-iĝu". Ligi = to connect / tie / bind. I think "intertwine" is a good translation, but "inter-connect" works, too!

Proof of Recovery: 53FD/J03M/87AN/INE6/746W


Chapter 23: Multiversal Travel (1/2)
(translation by jasper)
Multiversal Travel

It should be impossible to go to sleep with one version of reality and wake up inside another.

It should be impossible, but it isn’t.

As you probably gather from your own current difficulties, it may be to wake up in a strange world and to know nobody, to have almost nothing, and to recall (ec nakoku-cxui) since you never extsted formerly here in this world.

We six authors of this codex awoke in this world in exactly that condition. And we imagine that it is the same for you.

If you read this codex, you probably arrived here remembering not that much about yourself or your purpose like us. However, one of the first memories is this: you have a home and you want to return there.

You need to know this: Multiversal travel is extremely rare. And it requires co-ordinated effort on planetary scale.

After years of momentary co-ordination with our home worlds, we have mostly recovered our memories, and as shown in the pages of this codex, we have mostly recovered our sense of how the multiverse operates.

Travel between worlds, however, was the most dificult knowledge to recover.

After decades of failure, we believe that we finally recreated the specific and the very difficult conditions for which multiversal (blank space) travel is possible to occur.

We believe that after circling the globe, and after visiting every continent, we at long last reconstructed the conditions necessary for us to go home.

Here is that, which you need to know.

Human travel through the doors makes necessary extraordinary size of coordination and synchronization, much beyond that which ordinary personal or athletic coordinations could sustain.

We believe that because of that, multiversal travel only could occur during the year of the Olympics, the time of the large multiversal coordination. Therefore, be aware, that you only have one chance to go home every four years. You should fully take advantage of the chance when it comes. You don’t have another for a very long time.

You should also take note that neither ordinary omphalos and neither ordinary labyrinths are able to support what is necessary for multiversal travel.


Chapter 23: Multiversal Travel (2/2)
(translation by jasper)

You know that the design of the ordinary omphalos is not complicated.

one rock
covered with a net
with at least 27 knots

But if the only omphali that you see are the small sculptures at the temples, then the size of the effort necessary to construct a passage omphalos undoubtedly would be beyond what one would be able to imagine.

In order to pass through the great distances of the multiverse (blank space) , you have to create an omphalos on the scale of the multiverse itself. And to knot the knots, you have to create at least 27 labyrinths of the same scale that the passage (blank space). Passing through the labyrinths circuit will activate the circuit of the (blank space), allowing multiversal communication- and multiversal passage.

one rock
one net
at least 27 knots.

Proof of Recovery: I5C3/KE66/2L7Y/D99I/245G


Chapter 24: Navigating with flares (1/2)
Navigation by means of flares

Even if we can construct travel {omphalos}, safe travel home is not certain.

Millions and millions of worlds exist and it is no simple matter to navigate from one specific world to another. Indeed it is an extremely complicated matter. It becomes necessary to master the technique known as flare navigation.

As best we could determine, the traveler is automatically transported to the one world with the most strong correlation of human activity upon the precise moment when the trip occurs. In other words, the multiverse {blank} sends the traveler along the shortest possible distance- to the world moving the same as the door world.[the world where you create the portal]

For reasons that we still don’t fully understand, coordination of geography, building and other immovable differences [is] a lot less important during the trip than the synchronization of living movement.

Therefore, when you try to travel multiverse {blank}, you should create human synchronization between your world and world you are aiming for- flare of movement which guides your way more nearly towards the world you are aiming for. In order to create enough powerful flare you must be able to note ahead of time precisely the place and activity of many thousands of individuals in both worlds. And if you can’t, your trip may cary you to any place entirely unanticipated.

If you fail to make the strongest possible coordination, still you will arrive [in] the world that is sufficiently close to your aimed for world that you still find that your friends and family exist but their lives may be very different from what you remember.

How to prepare the flares

Huge quantity of prior communication by {omphalos} is necessary before your departure to make sure of the success of your flare.

If you have two-way communication by {omphalos} you can work with {agonithetai} in the aimed for world to prepare a common event that synchronizes as many human bodies as possible.

The more complicated the movement, the stronger will be the coordination that you create.


Chapter 24: Navigating with flares (2/2)
If you have one-way communication through {omphalos}, that you can see but not be seen, you must study the information and visions that you receive from the aimed for world in order to create an event in your world that will most parallel activity that you anticipate in your aimed for world.

Look at the situation in which we actually find ourselves.

Our aim is to profit the custom of dancing the labyrinthine dance, as if upon the large floor of Ariadne herself. Each of us six remembers that this custom happens nightly during the first two weeks of August on each of our domestic worlds.

During our travels around the world to prepare the travel {omphalos}, we taught others the labyrinthine dance, and also gave the tradition of our world to dance it through the late summer upon the hour of sunset in Crete.

We can only hope that they would remember that, which we showed to them, and that you will be enough to send us home.

Proof of Recovery: DHJF/ALK8/DF59/X0F8/9743


Chapter 25: The Promise
(translation by Lunombrulino)
The Promise

We shared much with you that we know.

However, we have not shared everything.

The smallest details are the most important.

We now know how far the last labyrinth must be from the site of the opening ceremony.

We know how many circuits to construct.

We know where we six must stand when the time comes to go home.

We know how small the number of parallel worlds must fall to, how firmly connected the ring of six must become, before we can pass through the door.

Also, you must know these things.

While we write these final pages, we are preparing to make our own voyage home. But before departing, we have made an oath to show you the way. (Grammatically, "antaŭ ol iri" doesn't make sense, so I'm guessing.)

We leave behind something much more lasting than these pages. In their form and in their message, they reveal the final instructions.

Please understand, that we had to hide these final details. They are not as clear as that which we presented here in the Codex of the Lost Ring. ("...tiom klaraj kiom tio kiujn ..." is ambiguous, so a little guess work on my part.)

The instructions which we try to preserve for you are so powerful, that their discovery by the uninitiated could risk everything.

We will create a lost ring for you to find. And when you find it, you will know the way.


Chapter 26: The Search
(translation by Hikaro)
The Search
You must search for the treasure that doesn't exist.
Begin in Antwerp, where the five rings were first uncovered. Search for the things which we left behind.
You will recognize our thing according to how we leave no trace about us in it. One can be absolutely anonymous in this world - if one truly doesn't live in it.
Search for an index of the great mystery. Serve the people who asked "Who would make a thing of great beauty, of great importance -and then take it apart?"
One world will wonder - but the other worlds will know.
"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." Thus said the Ancient Greeks.
The timeless [literally, beyond time] work of art which marveled Antwerp in 1920 will make you wise during the year when time ceases.
Remember: There is not a sixth ring. Though you must find it.
[Handwritten] Antwerp
Proof of Reprocurement: 32HK/4H35/6HK0/V890/53H4


Chapter 27: The Sixth Ring
The Sixth Ring
To save the planet, you must find the planet.
(assuming a typo) We cannot tell you precisely where to look. We can only teach you to see.
When the words become coordinated, the worlds become coordinated.
Eight points of connection create eight short curves, out of which only five belong.
As the rings themselves, you must take one out of every continent, and make a new ring.
But not a perfect circle.
You must recreate instead the form which you see by the Omphalos.
The flattened spheroid.
Only worry about the untouched interiors.
When you find your way through the five rings, you will see ...
How the branching and collapsing of the universes are first --------------
to above not and then to below yes, and then
to below not and then to above yes, and then
to above not and then to below yes, and finally are
to below yes and then to above yes.
... there were always six rings.

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