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Chapter 4: Finding space for the labyrinth
(translation by Nicolas)
Finding Space For a Labyrinth
Situating Your Labyrinth

Χαρις [Kharis, in Greek letters] are responsible for choosing and communicating the sites for labyrinths.

A training labyrinth can be created in some smooth, open place.

A 3-circuit training labyrinth needs a playing space of 12x14 feet.

A 5-circuit training labyrinth needs a playing space of 18x22 feet.

A 7-circuit Official Olympic labyrinth needs a playing space of 26x30 feet.

A synchronizing labyrinth must be created at a special, predetermined place. The worlds will agree about a specific set of coordinates - longitude and latitude - for the center of the labyrinth. You must center your labyrinth at these chosen coordinates, or the synchronization will fail.

Hiding your labyrinth

Because your labyrinth is a lost sport in your world, you must find places, where you will not draw undesired attention to your creation.

During our own training for our 1920 synchronizing event, we found success by "hiding" our labyrinths in the clear view of the un-initiated. To escape their sight, we chose places where sport, playing, festivals and other special events often take place.

Our training places during the years 1916-1918:

Proof of recovery: MB53/2hNK/33Ah/Zh72/KAV3

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