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Chapter 24: Navigating with flares (1/2)
Navigation by means of flares

Even if we can construct travel {omphalos}, safe travel home is not certain.

Millions and millions of worlds exist and it is no simple matter to navigate from one specific world to another. Indeed it is an extremely complicated matter. It becomes necessary to master the technique known as flare navigation.

As best we could determine, the traveler is automatically transported to the one world with the most strong correlation of human activity upon the precise moment when the trip occurs. In other words, the multiverse {blank} sends the traveler along the shortest possible distance- to the world moving the same as the door world.[the world where you create the portal]

For reasons that we still don’t fully understand, coordination of geography, building and other immovable differences [is] a lot less important during the trip than the synchronization of living movement.

Therefore, when you try to travel multiverse {blank}, you should create human synchronization between your world and world you are aiming for- flare of movement which guides your way more nearly towards the world you are aiming for. In order to create enough powerful flare you must be able to note ahead of time precisely the place and activity of many thousands of individuals in both worlds. And if you can’t, your trip may cary you to any place entirely unanticipated.

If you fail to make the strongest possible coordination, still you will arrive [in] the world that is sufficiently close to your aimed for world that you still find that your friends and family exist but their lives may be very different from what you remember.

How to prepare the flares

Huge quantity of prior communication by {omphalos} is necessary before your departure to make sure of the success of your flare.

If you have two-way communication by {omphalos} you can work with {agonithetai} in the aimed for world to prepare a common event that synchronizes as many human bodies as possible.

The more complicated the movement, the stronger will be the coordination that you create.

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