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Chapter 20: Secrets of the Omphaloi
(translation by Chid12)
The Ancient Greeks were the first to uncover the secret of the many worlds, at least four thousand years ago.

Today we remember that time as an age of mythology. Hercules and Theseus, Achilles and Odysseus, fantastic stories of the Gods. We remember it as an epoch of imagination.

However for the Greeks, it was an epoch of inquiry, and of true marvels.

Their stories about the Gods were not fictional, and they are not intended to be metaphors for life on this Earth.

They were based on real events, true stories observed with sacred stones. Their myths were metaphors for life on other earths, for alternative realities occurring in a great parallel across the many worlds.

In Ancient Greece, at each main temple stood a sacred stone, or omphaloi. According to ancient history, oracles at the temples would float above the omphaloi to receive communication from the gods. According to all reports, this is the story which the majority of Ancient Greeks believed - the oracle at the omphaloi received stories, visions and messages from the Gods.

But a select group of counselors knew better.

The oracles communicated with other worlds.

Approximately 10 years ago, we six travelers watched as spectators, amused and were pleased, while archaeologists in this world presented a new theory about the temple at Delphi.

Delphi was the site of the most important omphaloi in the entire Helenic world. Based on both Ancient Greek histories and recent digging of its temple, archaeologists proposed that the site was built on two hidden and very active faults. These faults were rumoured (said) to form a cross precisely under the ruined temple, forming a knot of geological instability.
In many other worlds, this theory was already a proved fact.

We already knew for a very long time that if the Rapid Continental Change occurred in ancient times, the correct epicentre of the great restructuring would be directly under the temple at Delphi.

We already knew or a very long time, that the visions of the oracles at the omphaloi are why the Ancient Greeks already had such a progressive knowledge of global geography - through watching fracturing geographies occurring in other worlds.

And we knew that this is why they were so compelled to perfect their own system for massive synchronization – the Ancient Olympics.

Proof of Recovery: PRNK/0Z3P/OWGC/S8BC/REH7

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