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// Ariadne via chat with jasper (April 13/08)
8:55:07 PM jasper: Do you have it in for Markus ?
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12:25:20 PM jasper: Exciting day?
12:25:36 PM Ariadne Lost: hi!
12:25:41 PM Ariadne Lost: should i have it in for markus??
12:26:15 PM jasper: that's what I thought he said- probably a translation error on my part
12:26:43 PM Ariadne Lost: oooooh
12:26:57 PM Ariadne Lost: i wish i read german i never have any idea what he's blogging about
12:27:00 PM Ariadne Lost: maybe he has it in for me
12:27:07 PM Ariadne Lost: he acts so weird sometimes
12:27:16 PM Ariadne Lost: like he is keeping secrets even from me
12:27:17 PM jasper: have you gotten to practice the sport?
12:33:05 PM Ariadne Lost: we're working on learning the pattern
12:33:11 PM Ariadne Lost : we don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves yet
12:34:04 PM Ariadne Lost: but we are glad everyone is practicing too
12:34:20 PM Ariadne Lost: (sorry distracted, adding the nyc artifact to my blog and the forums!!)
12:34:23 PM jasper: it's hard to balance needing a lot of people with attracting the wrong attention
12:34:32 PM Ariadne Lost: EXACTLY
12:36:31 PM jasper: I was looking at the NYC artifact- stonehenge, I guess? My esperanto is still very basic
12:39:13 PM jasper: Anyway, good to see you here.
12:39:25 PM Ariadne Lost: oh my goodness
12:39:31 PM jasper: ?
12:39:32 PM Ariadne Lost: if we have to run a labyrinth at STONEHENGE>...
12:39:34 PM Ariadne Lost: cna you imagine??
12:39:52 PM jasper: are people allowed that close to it?
12:40:11 PM Ariadne Lost: i have no idea! i would find it hard to imagine...
12:40:25 PM Ariadne Lost: hmmm maybe we have to do it on the other locations of stonehenge...
12:40:40 PM Ariadne Lost: you know the nuna and pangea and neopangea and all that
12:40:48 PM jasper: there's a model of it at University of Missouri in Rolla
12:40:50 PM Ariadne Lost : i guess we'd better translate and see
12:40:54 PM Ariadne Lost : oh wow
12:40:58 PM Ariadne Lost : can you play on the model???
12:41:03 PM Ariadne Lost : that would be amazing
12:41:10 PM jasper: yep
12:41:14 PM Ariadne Lost : is it to scale?
12:41:24 PM jasper: no- it's scaled down
12:42:19 PM jasper: maybe running it there would be like 5 or 7 circuit practice
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