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// Ariadne via Email responding to Elizabeth123 (Mar 19/08)
In response to:
to an email of Elizabeth123 asking to fill out the Personality test
hi elizabeth, my answers are below.

it sounds like you, hits, and the others have been up to some great work on this!!

i hope this helps you validate the key! a few people have sent me versions of the key but i haven't peeked yet so i can still take the test... but i will forward the one you tell me is best to kai as soon as you give it to me.

kai has built the test but just needs the key to finish it!! oh, and he thought some people would have a lot of one and maybe a little of others, so he built the test to rank the top 3 strengths. cool huh?


Question No. 1
I like being the boss. THIS ONE!
I believe that everyone's opinion is important.
I'm an excellent story teller.

Question No. 2
I approach a life like it's an adventure. THIS ONE!
I like to please other people.
I am an original thinker.

Question No. 3
I hate to see somebody suffer, even my worst enemy.
I believe that I have a strong goal in a life. THIS ONE!
I am always curious.

Question No. 4
I am extremely loyal. THIS ONE!
I like overcoming obstacles.
I like to clarify matters to others.

Question No. 5
I can create order out of chaos. THIS ONE!
I am optimistic about the future.
I am a very careful person.

Question No. 6
I can empathize with others.
I have a huge imagination.
I do not yield. THIS ONE!

Question No. 7
I like to have all the facts. THIS ONE!
I'm fascinated by other lands and cultures.
I often help to retain harmony in my group.

Question No. 8
I am never too busy to help a friend.
People describe me as full of energy. THIS ONE!
I can always see the big picture.

Question No. 9
Others come to me for advice.
When I plan, I make sure that they succeed. THIS ONE!
Even if I don't like someone, I deal with them fairly.

Question No. 10
I prefer action to a words. THIS ONE!
I help others cooperate well.
I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Question No. 11
I make wise decisions.
I always see the beauty around me.
I am never bored. THIS ONE!

Question No. 12:
I can keep a secret
I always face my fears THIS ONE!
I love to learn new things

Question No. 13:
Which of the following activities make you the happiest?

Thinking and learning.
Exploring and playing
Interacting and helping
Planning and organizing THIS ONE!
Listening and guiding
Storytelling and art-making
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