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// Ariadne via Email (Mar 3/08)
you're so nice to be helping me even though you don't recognize me.

i'm very overwhelmed, can you tell?? 5 of us??

one of them sent me an email already, and I wrote back.... (see below) it's lucky because i seem to understand some spanish, so maybe diego and i will be able to help each other. but german? japanese? chinese? i am pretty sure i don't speak them AT ALL. like, even less than i speak esperanto. which at least now I know 4 words in.

From: Ariadne Lost <ariadnelost>
Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: Hi !
To: Diego Nose <malabar>

hola diego! this is very weird! muy extrano! i see you speak some english. i know a little spanish. maybe we can work together.

i woke up in a laberinto too.

has anyone recongized you yet?

your friend,

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