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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] The Multiverse Olympiad - Lost Sport Championships, and my final blog post (link)

[edit] August 25, 7.40am
We did it! We synchronised with millions of other worlds by competing in the lost sport of Olympia. WE SAVED THE WORLDS!!!
Wellington, Salvador, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, and Beijing earned the right to compete in the finals. Watch this amazing Lost Sport Worlds Championship video to see who won Bronze, Silver, and Gold in the 3-circuit and 7-circuit events!
What a day... August 24, 2008... together, after all of our codex investigations and lost sport training, Team Agonothetai won ALL the medals in the Multiverse Olympiad. And judging from the omphaputer (type "Run Graph"), we saved our world... and many, many others!
Watch close-ups of all of the teams' best Multiverse Olympiad labyrinths here:
Team Beijing - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team Tokyo - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team Wellington - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team SF - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team London - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team Salvador - 3 Circuit Best Time
Team Beijing - 7 Circuit Labyrinth
Team Wellington - 7 Circuit Best Time
Team SF - 7 Circuit Best Time
Team London - 7 Circuit Best Time
Team Salvador - 7 Circuit Best Time
A little more about our race in Beijing:
Here's how we made the labyrinths before sunrise (in the pitch black! you can hear the roosters crowing!) on the Great Wall of China.
And a special thanks to Ariock and Pita for teaching James and the rest of us how to draw a magnificent chalk labyrinth:
Now that the Multiverse Olympiad is over, a few final words before Kai and I attempt to slip off into obscurity for awhile. Take a breath, before we decide what our next mission is.
I know in my heart I will see Eli Hunt again.
He wants to learn ALL the other secrets of the multiverse so he can come back and teach us.
He made me a promise. He will work with the multiverse engineers to figure out a way to optimize flare navigation beyond what we're currently capable of. If there is even just one world out there with my family still alive and waiting for me to come home, even if it's the most extreme of all outlier worlds, so outlier that I can't see it from this world yet, I will be able to align with that world. So I end this 2008 mission with hope for the future.
We six allies - Diego, Lucie, Markus, MeiHui, Noriko, and me -- and our friends and family -- Kai, Monica, Larissa, James, Renata, Kentaro -- we have vowed to try to keep in touch however we can. We believe we will be together again. We are too connected now to go our separate ways. Our paths are forever aligned. They just are. Nothing can change that, not even the most powerful opposition team in the world!
So we WILL join forces again someday. If there's any way to do it, we will figure it out. That's our pledge to each other. Guys, I know you probably aren't reading this from the other worlds, but I love you and I will miss you and I will think about you every day. And I WILL keep up my end of the pledge. I'm your dikaiosune. I will do everything I can to bring us back together again.
And in the meantime -- Kai said he saw a vision of us still together during the closing ceremonies. Somehow the Bird's Nest, the biggest omphalos on this planet, was able to transmit data from a parallel world where we all stayed together for some reason. When I miss you guys, I will imagine that world. And I will always wonder what, in the parallel world, brought us to that decision...
Finally, to all of you who created Team Agonothetai for 2008 -- I feel that our paths are forever aligned as well. We started as a totally confused team of six, in six countries, on five continents. Now we are a powerful team of thousands, in more than 100 countries.
We alone in this world know the secrets of the Olympiad. We alone know our ancient strengths. We alone in this world can see our lives branching and aligning, branching and aligning, as we make decisions and as we imagine how they've changed our lives and the world around us.
In 1920, the International Olympic Committee introduced the five rings to the world on the Olympic Flag. In 2008, WE introduced the sixth ring to the world. We have a place in Olympic history in this world.
Thank you, guys. I know we'll play again together some day.
Love, or as Eli Hunt would say, Sincerely Yours,
Ariadne in this world and Alex in another, may they someday be aligned
p.s. Please don't stop using your strengths and playing together and saving the world. We will always be Team Agonothetai.

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