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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] We did it! 11 circuits by design, 40 stadia from the opening ceremonies... (link)

[edit] August 23, 3.10pm
Thanks to all of your for your awesome ideas about how to pull off an 11-circuit labyrinth 40 stadia from the opening ceremonies. We followed your suggestion to make the labyrinth by doing Ariadne's dance, and we went to one of your recommendation locations: the Temple of Heaven.
It was hot, fun, and definitely an unforgettable experience. You should try Ariadne's dance someday -- it's easy to learn and really is as fun as it looks.
I hope this ultimate act of synchronisation draws the six worlds we want to travel to close enough to go home! I can just imagine our friends and families in our home worlds doing this dance with us...

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