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[edit] August 15, 5.24pm
Uh oh. Eli has been pacing back and forth in his study for the last 24 hours, I don't think he has slept at all.
He seems nervous to even look at me. He won't even tell me what he's thinking or researching.
He knows I haven't made up my mind whether or not to flare at the Great Wall during the closing ceremonies. So he is asking weird questions. Like would I try to travel home if it were the only way the others could travel. But why would that be? He says strange things like, "You might not have a choice." And "You are different from the others."
He got into an argument with me. "If you don't even want to flare navigate, do you need to go to Beijing? What if you could help the other allies more by staying away from Beijing?"
He would pace and pace muttering, "+We rescued the one to save the many... We rescued the one to save the many... +"
None of this was making any sense.
Until I was able to steal a glimpse at his work desk.
Eli has gotten obsessed with the Pythian Games.
Strange, right? Isn't this all about the Olympics?
Since Eli won't talk, I've been doing my own research. Okay, it's just Internet research, not scholarly research, but still.
So the Pythian Games were like the Olympic games, but they were held at Delphi instead of Olympia.
When I looked up Delphi and the games, I found something that looked familiar. Like what I saw behind the blindfold when I woke up in South Africa. And I found something that sounded familiar. Really familiar. The kind of familiar like gears of an ancient computer clicking into place.
Legend tells us that Delphi was the point where two eagles, which had been released by Zeus at different ends of the world, had met again after their flights across the skies. Zeus threw the Sacred Stone at this exact point, and Delphi became known as the centre of the world, the omphalos.
Legend states that originally, the site that would later become known as Delphi, was a sacred place which was inhabited by the Earth Goddess "Gaea", and which was guarded by her child, the serpent Python.
Did the original travelers assume we would know this legend? They told us about the first omphalos... they pointed to Delphi... .
Is it to late to see?
I hear the legend of two eagles meeting again after being scattered at opposite ends of the universe... and I imagine myself aligning with a parallel self.
I hear the legend of Zeus throwing the Sacred Stone at Delphia... and I imagine myself standing beside the one true omphalos which I have pledged as an agonothetai to honor and to protect.
I hear the legend that this sacred place was inhabited by the goddess Gaea... and I imagine myself, a Gaea traveler, finding my way home at Delphi.
I hear the legend of the serpent Python snaking by the omphalos... and I imagine a great monumental wave winding like a serpent... the stone and the serpent. The omphalos and the wave.
I demanded to know from Eli what he thought the significance of Delphi is to us allies, and if it's so important, why didn't the sixth ring just tell us?
Eli didn't give me a straight answer. He quoted some ancient Greek guys named Heraclitus. "The Oracle neither conceals or reveals the truth, but only hints at it".
I have been thinking about this all night. Now I can't sleep either.
Maybe I AM the one. The one who is rescued at Delphi.
It makes sense. It feels right.
But it doesn't matter if I'm the one. Because I am also NOT the one.
Maybe I've spent too much time conspiring with James, maybe the Theo logic is too thick in my brain.
One Alex travels, one Alex doesn't. One Alex tries something crazy at Delphi instead of going to Beijing, one Alex says "I'll go home in 2012 with Kentaro and Renata and whoever else I can recruit for the next team agonothetai." There are so many possible endings, and all I have to do is pick the one that THIS Alex wants most.
I am leaving for Beijing this weekend, with or without Eli's blessing.
I will be dikaiosune, and I will send the allies home.
And if Eli has some crazy theory about Delphi, then let HIM be Gaea. Let him find one more last ring if he wants.
Let him be the 1.

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