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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] Beijing, and the big decision I still have to make... (link)

[edit] August 13, 9.21am
I won't lie. I'm nervous about going to Beijing.
It's finally happening. I'm going to Beijing this weekend. I'm going to the Olympics.
I'm going finally to meet the other allies. I'm going to see Kai again and than... I'm going home.
[on screen: Well, that's what optimistic Alex says.]
[on screen: Here's what cold feet and slightly nervous Alex says.]
I'm gonna try to get home. Eli had hs promise to be online with us every step of the way. I hope you will, too.
We're gonna post videos and blogs everyday while we are there. And hopefully we have done enough and I can find my way home.
There's one world out there that still needs an Alex.
For good luck, I'm taking the secret game keeper's oath one more time.
The oath
But what if our plan in Beijing doesn't work? What if I flare navigate to the wrong world? What if I wake up in the middle of a labyrinth in South Africa again, but this time South Africa is where Italy used to be, thanks to the Rapid Continental Shift?
And meanwhile, I'll be leaving Kai behind.... just like Toria left James behind in 2004. Will Kai lose it like James did? We're so close now... words can't describe. And I leave him behind, for what? So I can try to survive on my own again in a world I don't know?
I don't want to let the other allies down. I don't want to disappoint Eli. And I don't want to disappoint the world that sent me here.
But maybe I'm on a different path now. Maybe I'm where I'm supposed to be. I don't need to find a parallel world. I'm in the right world for me, right now.
Of course, the fact that I'm even thinking about not going home means there will be another world in a few days where I decide to do the opposite of whatever I do in this world. I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse. As ALWAYS your advice is really appreciated....
Okay, I am trying to keep it together. Whether I try to go home or not, I WILL be in Beijing. I'm dikaiosune. That's my purpose, to lead the team at the Multiverse Olympiad, and I WILL fulfill it.
Knowing we have so many amazing allies helps A LOT. I've been watching oath videos to remind myself how strong we are. Here are some of my favorite oaths... and thank you, everyone, for believing in The Lost Ring Codex, and for joining together to find our place in the multiverse.

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