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[edit] August 6, 4.58pm
Here are the final four labyrinths that made our omph knot - in Germany, Canada, and the United States! Get the KMZ files here.
I just love the wiggles on the the last two, I've learned that wiggles usually means on foot, on bike, or on boat, and that is awesome and hard-core.
Our Montreal ally sent along these photos and video of the Montreal labyrinth.
Also, Canzonett, who has designed so many of our worldwide labyrinths, wrote a marvelous report about her own two labyrinths that she completed this week in Germany for us. It's too good not to share the whole thing, so here it is!
(Oh! One more thing! Even though the network is complete, more laybrinths will still help! So if you are still planning to make a city labyrinth, please do! It can only increase our omph strength, which hopefully will optimize the Olympic synchronization even more.)
Canzonett sends omphalabyrinth pictures and writes:
My feet are non-existent at the moment, but I'm (almost) perfectly
satisfied and happy with the results I managed to achieve for our
omphalos network - and with all the smaller and bigger discoveries of
this day. I am convinced that walking around is the only reliable way
of getting to know a city - of gaining its friendship and feeling
familiar with the way it breathes, teems, sleeps and smiles. Since a
good omphalabyrinth layout nestles comfortably into a city's natural
profile, walking it is the perfect way of entrusting oneself to the
city's very own geographical rhythm.
Got up around 4:00 a.m., left the house at 4:30. It's dark, cold and
rainy outside (quite rainy actually!) - bad luck, because I have to
take my bicycle down to Munich Central Station. The tramway doesn't
go regularly so early in the morning. I arrive in time for the train
(departure at 5:04) but alas! find out that the wonderful Bavaria
ticket I bought is invalid before 9 am, so the conductor make me buy
another (regularly prices - *sigh*) ticket to Ingolstadt Nord. Kind
enough of him not to throw me off the train immediately ... The only
advantage of this is that I needn't hurry or worry about having too
little time in Ingolstadt - the first train to Nuremberg that I may
take with my cheap ticket leaves at 10:08, which gives me four hours
for completing the labyrinth.
Arrival at 6:10. It has stopped raining, although it's still cloudy
and windy. I switch on the trackstick and start walking 15 minutes
later. Ingolstadt is a fascinating city - not so much because of any
spectacular pieces of architecture (they are spectacular enough,
nevertheless!) or single building that takes your breath away, but
because of the whole ensemble of buildings, tiny lanes and alleys
within the old fortification. Theo did their best to stop me by
placing several building sites right in my way, but I always found a
way around them. By the way, I encountered many phenomena that might
be interpreted as remains of former efforts to travel to other parts
of the multiverse. Rings seem to be omnipresent in Ingolstadt - even
toys in playgrounds apparently have been constructed with rings (and
labyrinths?) in mind.
Finished the labyrinth around 8:45 - just as my feet began complaining
about the long walk. I had more than an hour to get back to the
station, eat a second breakfast and rehydrate myself.
If Ingolstadt is a Duchess among cities, Nuremberg is an Empress. At
least. So immensely beautiful, surprises awaiting you behind every
corner. You're walking along an innocent lane, when all of a sudden
your eyes stumble across a plaque "XY used to live in this house
between #### and ####" - replace XY with Albrecht Dürer, Hans Sachs,
Martin Behaim, Peter Henlein, Anton Koberger .... you know what I
mean? It's like a fairyland adventure for grown-ups, especially for
grown-ups who are in love with the Early Modern Era.
I'm too tired to find words for all the things I experienced and
learned today. My photos will tell you more. Please let me know if
these two omphalabyrinths can contribute to our network.
Best regards,

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