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[edit] OMPHA-POWER! Two more city labyrinths bring us closer... (link)

[edit] July 28, 8.28am
We're two knots closer to finishing the omphalos. Two labyrinths closer to opening up a direct connection to the other worlds.
If we finish the omphalos network by August 8th, we will have MADE the lost ring. We won't be an outlier world anymore. Every Olympic ceremony and every athletic event will draw our world into closer alignment with the others.
The cities we need to thank for our new ompha-power this week are Buenos Aires, Argentina and Martinborough, New Zealand.
With a pair of agonothetia on bikes, Martinborough, New Zealand became a part of the omphalos network last weekend. Awesome! More southern knots help A LOT.
And his weekend, Team Buenos Aires pulled out all the stops for a very big urban labyrinth. Yay Team Buenos Aires! From what I hear, you saw A LOT of action this weekend... (more details to come!)
Speaking of omph strength, we've got more than we need. Eli doesn't really have any established theories about what happens when omph strength gets this high. His best guess? Maybe athletic synchronization will happen faster, and more dramatically. Maybe we'll see Really Big Changes on the multiverse graph as soon as the network is complete and the Olympic Games begin...

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