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[edit] July 21, 12.54pm
update from July 22, 3:35pm, Austin Labyrinth taken away as it has been posted before:
UPDATES: Two more city labyrinths are complete! Thanks, Team Boston! Thanks, Team Oklahoma!
the two pictures of the Cambride and Duncan Labyrinth follow
Look at those gorgeous labyrinths!
James writes about doing the Cambridge labyrinth:
"My friend Phil and I went out last Saturday and did Canzonett's beautifully designed 7 circuit omphalabyrinth. It was about 25 miles long, and took us around 4 hours. I did short video updates along the way and I've mixed them together. (Ariadne says - watch the video above!!) I've also added photos taken during the Omphalabyrinth to my Flickr Account.
Our friend Jasper, who engineered the Oklahoma labyrinth, writes: "We drove 30 miles within about a 2.4 square mile area- so lost of twists and turns.... it was a great adventure" WOW.
update from July 22, 9:30am:
UPDATES: Three more city labyrinth is complete! Thanks, Team Boston! Thanks, Team Oklahoma and Team Austin!
Look at those gorgeous labyrinths! Our friend Jasper, who engineered the last two, writes: "We drove 30 miles within about a 2.4 square mile area- so lost of twists and turns.... it was a great adventure" WOW.
Download all these Google Earth files so you can see the whole journey in motion!
Okay, it's time to get serious about building this omphalos network. We have two and a half weeks, and we are short two VERY IMPORTANT nodes. Take a look:
Kai geeked out a little bit for us. Using the latest omphaputer display, he made a map for us showing the current coverage of our omphalos network.
Look at all that empty space we haven't covered yet!
According to the Lost Ring Codex, our network has to cover 85% of the earth's surface. We are so TOTALLY not covering 85% of the earth's surface yet.
"Now obviously" -- Kai says in his most sofia voice -- "We aren't quite as bad off as this flat projection makes it look. That arctic and antarctic space represents a much smaller percentage of overall earth surface than this projection makes it look. But we still have to get better northern coverage. Judging from this map, an omph knot anywhere in Alaska and anywhere in Scandinavia (the more north, the better) would be absolutely ideal. With those two spots add to the network, we WILL be up to about 85% coverage."
Thanks, Kai.
So who is working on this mission?
Chariton, can you find allies for us?
Sofia, can you mock up labyrinths that won't intimidate our allies in some possible cities -- Copenhagen, Umea, Helsinki, Oulu, Anchorage?....
Dikaoisune, can you lead the charge on this to make sure it actually happens?
Let me add: We all know that we're currently 9 nodes short. Most of those nodes can be built anywhere, so if you have a trackstick or if you WANT a trackstick, get to it! Here's the official reminder:
"We still need a few more city captains! There's barely enough time to get a trackstick from Kai before August 8th, so GO GO GO GO! Submit a labyrinth design to Eli at and ask Kai for a trackstick at!
If YOU want to experience the POWER of the OMPHALOS, then you have to join our global network of city captains. Let's go, we have just over 2 and a half weeks to go!"

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