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[edit] July 15, 9:02am
Wow! Any athletes looking for new strategies, watch the top video. It's from a lost sport training camp held in Northern California last weekend, with players from previous training sessions in Australia, Austria, the UK, and of course the US. You can watch them try everything from the "duck runner" strategy (approved by their sophrosune!)to the "honking from the exit" strategy (disqualified by their sophrosune!)
Meanwhile, to prove that The Opposition doesn't train its counter-agonothetai to be very good runners (sorry James!) watch the second video, which was shot in San Francisco this weekend from the POV of the runner. Hey James, here's a strategy I came up with all on my own: run toward the EXIT, not back to the center! Hmmm, maybe I'm a little sofia after all...
And on other continents, MeiHui has a great video of a team training in Shanghai. (The sophrosune from Team Tokyo has already contacted MeiHui to let her know that Team Shanghai's labyrinth design isn't quite right yet... so that's not an OFFICIAL world record. But how happy are we to have a new team pop up in China?)
Speaking of sharing (and stealing!) strategies... I have one more very important thing to say:
More videos! I've got email reports from Brussels, from Bangkok, from Bristol, from New Jersey, from EVERYWHERE!... but I need videos to prove your qualifying times!
I especially want to see more videos from Team New Zealand, which currently holds the world record for both the 3-circuit and the 7-circuit labyrinth. No fair keeping your strategies to yourself until August 23/24! Let us see how you're going so fast, so we can get faster too! (And give the online sophrosune a chance to determine if you've accidentally broken any rules!) The last Team NZ video I've seen is from a month ago! Put something on youtube or dotsub so I can embed it on this blog!
And that goes for everyone who's getting good at this sport. Let's combine strengths so we can all get faster.... remember, we're all on Team Gaea to beat the other worlds in our ring!
BECAUSE, as you know, we're getting ready for the Worlds Championships on August 23/24, 2008.
Eli says sunrise is the traditional running time at the site of the Olympics, so our team in Beijing will be competing around 5:30 AM on August 24. That means our North America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand teams will be running at pretty normal times. But our European team and any other Asian team will be running very early in the morning, or late at night. Let's plan now for a good space and an amazing team who can compete with us! Remember to email me and our amazing honorary coach Edwin Moses ( so we can start to put our Worlds Championship roster in place,
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