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[edit] For The Win: Kyoto, Paris, Austin, Dallas, Madrid, and La Plata! (link)

[edit] July 14, 2.30pm
Good news from six of our awesome city labyrinth teams. VERY good news.
In the past week, we've built labyrinths in six cities, in five countries, on four continents!
Team Paris built our most powerful omphalabyrinth yet!
The Google Earth images say it all. But I like hearing from the city captains, too. They always sounds like they are having such an adventure! So a few stories in their own words...
A member of Team La Plata writes: "It wasn't hard during the ride but later my knees hurt a lot xD."
Team Madrid, with a lost ring flickr set up, writes:
The walk was worth it: now I know my city a little better
But maybe Team Kyoto had the craziest adventure of the week!
Team Kyoto, which had a very big GPS challenge recording a labyrinth in the middle of their city, writes:
The drawn labyrinth almost surrounded the area of Gion Festival. Gion Festival is very famous, and treated as one of the top 3 festivals in Japan. So this area may be filled with the energy of people, and give this power to the labyrinth! Also, tonight I heard rhythmical festive music. At the climax of Gion Festival, floats move around city with the festive music.
This rhythm and moving remind me the synchronization. I think this festival has been related to the world synchronization, and I believe the city-scale labyrinth in Kyoto will help you! Drawing the city-scale labyrinth is hard work, but I could fully enjoy the Gion Festival

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