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[edit] July 7, 12:27pm
Team London, Team Vienna, and Team Toronto are AWESOME.

Team Vienna writes: "my five-mile Vienna labyrinth walked on foot in a storm (in Favoriten, apparently what is considered a 'rough and tumble' neighborhood by the locals... Now, from the looks of this labyrinth, you might think that I was being chased by the bad guys the entire way. Well, maybe I was... in which case, Eli Hunt will forgive me for the fact that the inner two circuits look really, REALLY un-save-the-worldy. It was so much fun tracksticking in the rain and hunting for GPS signals!" Great job, but be careful! We don't want any members of team agonothetai getting struck by lightning while trying to open up the omphaportal!
A friend of Team London passed on this message: "London city labyrinth was joyfully completed yesterday... all with tattooed arms walked around the very colourful soho for about 4 hours - it was exhausting... We encountered many strange and serendipitous things, including us painting a labyrinth in an art gallery, moving hedges, sexy ladys, wall noses, lucky pennies, and unusual pets. Great day out. I very much recommend you to walk around your city doing these labyrinths - it becomes a strange magical, almost psychogeographical activity." Nice to know it's not just saving the world, but also fun and magical.
Team Toronto made the most powerful omphalabyrinth of the week, and they report: "the first point on the path is at about 11:41 a.m. our time and it took about 2 hours to complete the whole thing." Wow, strong AND fast!
They built three omphalabyrinths for us, and now according to the omphaputer, our omph strength is already over 100! That means IF we finish making the omph knot, we can at least get all six of the 2008 allies home again.
BUT... we still have 17 omph knots to tie. It doesn't matter how strong our omphstrength is if we don't have 27 different knots! I know there are teams working on this in Sydney, Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rennes, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and now some new allies in China (yay!)... but who else can make a knot for us?
We know from the codex that our omph knot must cover 85% of the earth's surface. The omphaputer shows us that we're probably about halfway there. We definitely need more southern cities and more cities in eastern Europe, southern Europe, Africa... who can help?
Be sure to send your city labyrinth designs to Eli ( and to request your trackstick from Kai (!

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