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[edit] WOW. Our first two city-scale labyrinths! (UPDATED x2) (link)

[edit] June 16, 5:34pm

Our allies in Manila came in with the very first omphalabyrinth this weekend. AMAZING.
A city-scale labyrinth in the heart of Manila, with an omph strenght of 3.97! Download the KMZ file on the forums to see it on Google Earth. The photos are awesome, team Manila has some seriously cool agonothetai. I want to hang out with you guys!
And then our allies in San Francisco created a ridiculously powerful omphalabyrinth by the bay, with an omph strength of 32.2! This may be the most insanely amazing omphalabyrinth anyone EVER builds. I guess team San Francisco is really laying down the challenge to all the other omph knot cities!!
View the San Francisco labyrinth in Google Earth. Or view all of the trackstick data on Google Maps. Wow, it took them 5 hours to build this labyrinth!
I swear I saw Eli get all teary-eyed when he saw these Google Earth files open up.
Speak of the devil...
And now a word from Eli Hunt. I admit I don't quite understand the omph strength calculations(remember, I'm very dikaiosune, and not even a little bit sofia!!) But according to Eli, it's really important if we ever want to get home to our families again. In other words: IMPORTANT IMPORTANT PAY ATTENTION!
I never thought I would live to see the day when a team of agonothetai would manage to progress so far in this mission. I never believed I would see city-scale omphalabyrinths actually built in this world. To be honest, I scarcely believed the original allies were capable of doing such a thing, and they spent many, many years trying. What the 2008 team, all of you, have accomplished in just a few short months is nothing short of incredible. And yet I now believe we are capable of so much more.
By our team calculations, our world's omph strength should soon be 36.17. Already, that means TWO allies should be able to return home from Beijing, IF we complete the entire net across the globe. Remember, it doesn't matter how powerful our knots are, if the net is only half-formed. The codex tells us clearly: Our next must drape itself over 85% of the earth's surface. We must pay special attention to building the northermost and southernmost knots possible, to make sure we have made a true omphalos out of the Earth itself.
We can only hope that one of the other worlds drawn closer to ours through the knot you have tied is one of the worlds from which our omphaputer instructions are emanating. If that is the case, then we surely will see the fruits of your labor soon reflected in this world's omph strength.
UPDATE: Need to calculate YOUR city-scale labyrinth's omph strength? Use this awesome online omphstrength calculator from Runeix in Melbourne.

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