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[edit] June 10, 4.08pm
Kai found us an amazing co-conspirator for sharing our labyrinth and mission videos:
If you haven't used it before, is a geo-broadcasting platform for videos, and it completely rocks.
Team New Zealand (featuring some of the best lost sport players in the world!) has already figured out how to use it - watch their live, geotagged broadcast of their lost sport training event this weekend. Watch it here.
And agonotheton Lysithea is using Seero already to broadcast trackstick missions. Can I just say how much I LOVE that Lysithea's profile reads: "Who I am: Currently I am a labyrinth designer." Yes you are!!
From now on, we should definitely use Seero to document and broadcast all of our lost sport events, our personal labyrinths, our artifact recoveries, our trackstick missions, our lost ring hunting, and anything else we have to do to save the worlds before August 24!
Also amazing: Kai's friends at Seero have created a Google Earth toy for us. It's a KML file that pulls together any and all geotagged content created by agonothetai worldwide.
You can download it here: Find the Lost Ring on Google Earth
Yay Kai, and Team New Zealand, and Lysithea, and more importantly, yay Seero!

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