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[edit] April 24
video transcript
The Ancient Greeks may have banned it, but that won't stop us from playing it. The Lost Sport is back, and you guys are getting really good at it. Here are the latest training results.

San Francisco holds the world record for fastest men's 3-circuit training labyrinth at 23 seconds flat. They also hold the record for the fastest men's 7-circuit labyrinth at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. And, the fastest women's 7-circuit labyrinth at just under 4 minutes.

Wellington, New Zealand set the fastest women's 3-circuit labyrinth at 27 seconds.

Meanwhile, Ontario has the record for the coldest labyrinth, which they ran in the snow, and judging from their videos and photos, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Jerusalem all share bragging rights for running the hottest labyrinths.

I don't think those last few are official Olymipic competition categories, but you cities definitely deserve to be mentioned for training in such extreme weather conditions.

We've also had reports from Zurich and Dallas, and Tel Aviv and (?). I don't think they've set any records yet, but it makes me so happy to see that the Lost Sport is being revived in so many cities on so many different continents.

Well, that's the Lost Sport report for now. Keep sending your videos and photographs, and keep practicing. The faster our runners get, and the better our walls get, the more synchronized we'll become with the other worlds who still know how to play this game.

The lost sport is back -- and world records are being set!

Where are the world's fastest labyrinth runners? Who is making the world's awesomest walls? Find out in the first ever official Lost Sport Training Report.

Keep sending your videos, photos and record-setting times to make it into the next global training report.

If you're new to this, find out more about the Lost Sport.

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