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[edit] 06 March 2008 - 9.52 PM

Eli Hunt can't hide his secrets forever.

I'm going to Cardiff to confront him. And I'm not leaving until he agrees to tell us everything he knows about the "ringon perditan".

Whether he likes it or not, Mr. Hunt is going to help us figure out how we got amnesia, what our tattoos mean.

I promise I'll tell you how it goes.

P.S. Thanks for having my back, guys, it means the world to me. But you don't need to be there for Hunt's lecture. I'm tougher than I look. I can handle Mr. Hunt on my own. At least, for now...

Tags: amnesia taichi dream johannesburg goggles eli_hunt labyrinth tattoo kai memory video ariadne

[edit] Transcription
I have a plan. It's kind of a crazy plan... Kai is ging to help me get into Hunt's private lecture in Cardiff. Now that there are so many of us asking questions, Mr. Eli Hunt can't keep ignoring us.

(cut) So get ready, Eli. You can't hide the truth forever.

(cut) Wish me luck. We have to convince Hunt to help us. It's the only way.

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