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[edit] 01 March 2008 - 3.04 PM
Please watch this video. And share it with everyone you can think of. Someone out there HAS to know who I am.

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[edit] Transcription
I need your help. Take a good look, real close. And pay attention, because this is extremely important.
Do you recognize me?
I mean do you have any idea who I am?
Because I don't have a clue. I don't know who I am, or what my name is, or where my family is... I don't even know how I lost my memory in the first place.

The clinical term is Functional Focal Retrograde Amnesia - it's the kind of amnesia where you forget who you are but not how to do stuff.

Like I still know how to talk, how to write, how to count, how to get dressed and all that, but as for me - my life's story, my personality: total blank. And it's not like I can flip through a photograph album to jog my memories because so far no one has come forward to claim me as their girlfriend, or their daughter, or their best friend or anything.

And the local police don't have any missing persons report that sounds like me. All I know is this: I woke up two weeks ago blindfolded in a corn field here in South Africa; where apparently absolute no one knows me and not one single person is missing.

The doctors say my accent doesn't sound local. Maybe it's American, maybe it's English, they don't know. So what I need to figure out is how in the world did I wind up here, just outside Johannesburg.

The weird thing is, even though my brain is scrambled, I don't have a scratch on my body and not one bump on my head. The doctors are baffled. I am a genuine medical mystery. Maybe you can help me solve that mystery.

So far, I only have two clues to my identity. The first is this weird tattoo. It says "trovu la ringon perditan". I've already figured out that it's esperanto, and it means "find the lost ring".

Why would I have a tattoo on my arm that says 'find the lost ring'? Beats me. But I must have had a very good reason. Maybe you can help me figure out what that reason is.

The second clue is the test results from my physical exam. The doctors say that not only healthy, I'm super healthy with - and I quote: "physical conditioning and stamina like a champion olympic athlete". Me? A champion athlete? I guess anything's possible.

Maybe there is an Olympic team out there who's been wondering why I've been skipping practice. I sure hope so. Isn't there anyone out there who knows me? Someone who's worried sick about me wondering if I'm ok?

Well, I am okay... mostly. I'm just a little scared, and a lot confused.
I hope if you're watching this, you're the one who's missing me, and you're the person who can tell me who I am. If you have any ideas, please, leave me a comment.

Oh, one more thing - until we figure out what my real name is, you can call me Ariadne.

[edit] Notes

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