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# post in my [[User_talk:Thebruce|talk page]] # post in my [[User_talk:Thebruce|talk page]]
# PM me at [ Unfiction] # PM me at [ Unfiction]
-# or [ send me an email]+# or [ send me an email]
---- ----

Current revision

  • Owner of

If you want to contact me, know of any issues or have any suggestions for the wiki, you can:

  1. post in my talk page
  2. PM me at Unfiction
  3. or send me an email

FTLR Participation:

  • the wiki
  • partnered in organizing the first labyrinth training event, in Guelph (w/video)
  • helped retrieve the Toronto codex artifact (w/video)
  • helped develop the method of communication with Theo via Bacon Code (suggested whitespace as bits - single/double spacing = A/B)
  • helped tie the Toronto omph knot (w/video)
  • tied the Kitchener omph knot (w/photos)
  • ran a training labyrinth in Boston during ARGfest (photos)

Do Everything That Needs Done Award

In Perpetuity

Awarded By: Weezel
The ARG community thanks you for your time. Dunno what we'd do without you. I don't think we could find a better robot to replace you anyhow.
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