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Name: Sofia
Sign: Owl
Main attributes: wisdom, creativity, cleverness
creates: seeker of knowlegde
Codex page: none, yet
Responsibility:  ?
Envisioned by: Meihui
Agonothetai: Meihui, Others


I bring wisdom, creativity and cleverness to our mission. I am one of the knowledge-seekers.


Runs in other worlds

Figure out the competition! How fast do we have to get? (Jun 11/08 1.18pm)
If we want to win the gold on August 24th in the Multiverse Olympiad, we need to know what our teams are up against.
How fast are the fastest labyrinth teams in the other worlds?
Is there any way to find out?
Sophrosune and sofia, I think this is the perfect mission for you to team up on...
  • Cooperative mission with Sophrosune
  • Wiki page:
  • unfiction thread

Ariadne's Dance

Figure out if Ariadne's dance really exists. (Apr 21/08 11.36am)
Sophrosune and Sofia, if Ariadne's dance ever really existed in this world, then surely you two can work together to find the evidence.

Chapter 24 of The Lost Ring Codex tells us that the best way to coordinate multiverse navigation is during the first two weeks of August, when the other worlds practice a nightly ritual. They call it "Ariadne's dance".

The Codex authors say that the tradition was somewhat known in this world. Can you find out if Ariadne's dance really exists? If so, are there any instructions in this world that teach us how to do it?

I guess we have to make like Eli Hunt and do a little research...


Solve the parallel geographies - with the PanCosmologizer! (Apr 21/08 8.26pm)
Sofia, it's time to become Pan-Cosmologists.
Kai made us an amazing new visualizer. It's called the PanCosmologizer. We can use it to plot the parallel geographies described in the Lost Ring Codex.
There are six visual layers in the app. Each one represents a different kind of world. Nuna, Kenorland, Gondwana, Pangaea, Neopangaea... all we have to do is figure out how the different continents line up in the parallel worlds.
We know what the geographies look like -- the Codex told us that much. And we think that the postcards Jorge gave to Monica's great (great) uncle show us at least two sets of alignment points.
So do we have enough information to map all six geographies, one on top of each other?
Play with the PanCosmologizer and post your jpegs of your solution here. If we can solve the mystery of how the worlds align, we can plan our synchronizing labyrinths... and maybe even make the omph knot!
Here's how to install it:
1. Download the AIR runtime from
2. Install AIR runtime
3. Download PanCosmologizer application from
4. Install the PanCosmologizer.
Post your possible solutions on the forums.

Top 10 List


Make a Top 10 List of Things We've Learned from the Codex (Apr 21/08 11.15am)
The original six travelers wrote a truly epic story. We've found almost all of it, so I think it's time to start figuring out what matters most.
We need to boil down the epic story the original six travelers wrote to a "must know" document.
What are the Top 10 Things we've learned from the Lost Ring Codex so far?
Let's work together on this mission on the forums.
Post your suggestions for the list, or make your own complete list. When we've collectively got our favorite top 10 list, I'll blog it.
I think Sofia (the knowledge seekers) and Dikaiosune (the list makers, among other things!) would be especially helpful for this mission, but really EVERYONE's POV would be good to have for our top 10 so we make sure we don't miss anything vital.

Recovery Code


Figure out the Hong Kong artifact recovery code (Apr 13/08 9.28am)
Sofia, this might be a lost cause. But if anyone can figure out how to turn a blurry image into a recovery code, it's you...


Solve the mission on the forums
While you're at it, maybe get sophrosune and dikaiosune to help you figure out EXACTLY what happened in Hong Kong. Do we have a case of Theo supporters infiltrating our own community?


Investigate the "run graph" (Apr 2/08 4.58pm)
Sofia, you can help us understand what the flickering "run graph" on our the secret omphalos-computer really means.

When you type "run graph" into the omphaputer, it shows a really weird graph that runs from the year 1800 to 2008, and has Schroedinger's equation on top.

The graph seems to change occasionally to show a different set of data. But then it flickers back to "normal".

What do the seven lines mean, why are they shown in logarithmic scale, and what does Schroedinger have to do with it?

If anyone can figure out the secret meaning of the flickering run graph, it's you guys, Sofia.

Wave forms

Solve the puzzle of the wave forms (Mar 21/08 9.42am)
Sofia, your strength can help us understand the ancient "wave forms".

Eli Hunt found some very strange notes in an old copy of Ancient Wisdom and New Atlantis. We know the notes helped him find the secret "omphaputer". But what do these notes really mean?

What do the "wave forms" do, or stand for? And what does the New Atlantis have to do with it?

Help us solve this strange puzzle!



Solve this puzzle! What do the postcard coordinates mean? (Mar 16/08 8.27pm)
Sofia, your strength can help us solve the 100-year-old puzzle that Monica gave us.

What do the coordinates on the old Madrid postcard mean? We know where they map to, but how do they fit together?
  • as of April 06, 2008, this puzzle has been solved by Brodie (unfiction post)
  • as of April 07, 2008, Ariadne and Kai are working on a tool to map the world-types over one another

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