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Things to solve

6 athletic attributes

On the second podcast from Eli Hunt the six attributes of an athlete are mentioned:

  • sofia = wisdom
  • thumos = courage
  • chariton = charm
  • dikaiosune = leadership
  • sophrosune = temperance
  • mythopeia = storytelling

The 6 amnesiacs suddenly "remember" names:

  • Mei Hui = sofia696 (see video)
  • Markus = thumos696 (see blog entry)
  • Noriko = sophrosune696 (see video)
  • Diego = mythopoeia696 (see video)
  • Lucie = chariton696 (see Azelex)

The number 696 is a reference that 2008 is in the 696th olympiad (= 4 years) since the first olympiad (776 BC).

The Lost Ring - Trailers

  • The first trailer (available on youtube or on thelostring.com) contains some hidden text and phrases. And, wherever there's text to transcribe, it of course must be documented!
  • The second trailer (available here) contains mostly the same hidden imagery.

Eli podcast pictures

  • There are several pictures from the Eli podcasts, which still need translation/interpretation.
  • To avoid redundant information, the pictures could be found with the respective podcasts

Monica and the story of 1888

Codex of the Lost Ring
  • the postcard from Monica's uncle's friend Jorge is dealt with in Jorge's Postcard
  • Monica sent a scan of the book she showed in the video

  • There is an Omphalos Code in the book: 595 Trident 20
    • 595 Stadion are about 110 km
    • Trident --> Poseidon --> Pisces --> South --> 180 degree plus 20 degree offset --> 200 degree
    • Target point (?) is 110 km SSW of the starting point (?)
    • Map of postcard locations with the diary's omphalos code (here[1]) (does not seem to produce reasonable results)
    • This seem to be a reasonable result:[Here] (Stuartfield-Arbroath) Stuartfield its the place where Jorge appears

The Omphalos Code

  • After finding The Secret of Eli's, and watching his podcast on the omphalos code, much studying is going in to map out the code system itself, a matrix of thiet ke web greek gods, representative images, and the zodiac Administration of Cisapride which is given to treat Gastroesophageal reflux with lasix can also be serious.
  • Details can be found at Omphalos

The Secret

  • a rotating earth, random dots on populated areas, some red, some green - what's the significance?
    puzzle trail at The Secret

Questions and mysteries

Who runs - The Secret?
  • Meihui asked the question in her video on March 12, pointing out the likelihood that Eli isn't running it.

tenant screening

What exactly is the "lost ring", and can it(?) be found?
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