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[edit] June 16
we are so close!!

The Search
You must search for treasure that doesn't exist.
Begin in Antwerp, where the five rings were first uncovered. Look for the things that we left.
You will know our things by the way we left nothing about ourselves in them. One wants to be absolutely anonymous in this world, especially if one doesn't live in it.
Search for the index of the great mystery.* Search for the people who asked:** "Who would make the thing of the most beauty, of the greatest significance--and then would immediately take it apart?"
One world will wonder, but the other worlds will know.
"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." So said the Ancient Greeks.
The work of art that amazed Antwerp in 1920 will make you wise during the year when time stops.
Remember: There is no sixth ring. Nevertheless, you must find it.


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