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Kai is Ariadne's friend, and webmaster of her site Findthelostring.com

Name: Kai Williams
Websites: Findthelostring.com (webmaster) Youtube profile / Flickr profile / dotSUB profile
Language: English


Youtube Profile

Meet Kai (on Ariadne's youtube)
(Transcription (Ariadne's blog))

Re: Hello, world. I need your help.


InterventionTim e
(Transcription (Ariadne's blog))
Everyone Arrives!

More allies in Beijing!

Our first training for Ariadne's Dance!

Ariadne arrives!

Beijing Omphalabyrinth

Ariadne's Dance

Noriko before our labyrinth races

MeiHui at the Great Wall

Diego @ The Great Wall

Markus @ The Great Wall

Diego and Monica Pre-Race

7 Circuit Labyrinth Seed @ The Great Wall

Drawing a 7 circuit labyrinth

Thanks to Pita and Ariock for the Rope Protractor

Kai says goodbye

Goodbye @ the Great Wall -- Diego, Monica, Lucie

Markus and Ariadne say Goodbye at the Great Wall

MeiHui and Noriko say Goodbye at the Great Wall

The Allies go home

Thelostring.com details

  • Kai is on the pictures page (link) of TheLostRing.com, connected with a red thread to Ariande. He is living in San Fransisco.




(profile link)

  • getting tracksticks ready to send out! you can keep yours if you finish the mission. if you can't, you should pass it on...like the torch 2008-05-27T04:31:21+00:00 from web

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