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[edit] About Me

I'm Hikaro. That's not my real name, but it's all you guys need to know. I'm from the United States, and I stumbled upon The Lost Ring from my Esperanto learning site, Lernu. It's my first ARG, and I'm loving it.

I am a Sofia, so I think I'll be puzzling over El Multiverso (since quantum physics and wave forms are a bit over my head!). It also turns out that if I change one question's answer, I am a Chariton, so I will definitely check that their missions too.

I'm an English major and my favorite literary device is allusion. Thus, you can see why FtLR has some extra appeal to me, stuff like Ariadne's name make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm also a grammar Nazi but correct use of punctuation will be my Kryptonite forevermore.

I'm a beginner at Esperanto but I did know enough to know that their tattoos were talking about "the lost ring." I am more along than I thought, because the Codexes haven't been terribly difficult to translate as long as I have a vortaro. :-)

If you're curious about how I ended up with Hikaro as a screenname, it was not derived from the Japanese root hikar- meaning "light", although I absolutely LOVE that it also has that meaning. I actually derived it from one of my conlangs, from the words for "good" and "army" and originally used it as my screenname for the Thardferr text-based strategy game. You may have known me from my kingdoms of Parabola, East Kahar, Forest of the Seven Mages, and Forest of Light. I was also semi-active in the forums there before I left to get a life.

I use Hikaro as my screenname for geeky pursuits wherever possible, including (but not limited to):

I'm not the best at mystery solving, but I hope to make good contributions, and if nothing else, help organize others' findings in this Wiki.


[edit] To-Do List

  • Stay caught up on all the developments!
  • Help translate the Codex into English as new artifacts are found.

[edit] Current Theories & Speculation about FtLR: May 19, 2008

  • The "House of Salomon" referred to by Eli Hunt just could be a reference to New Atlantis by Francis Bacon.
CONFIRMED: Eli's emails with the pictures of the notes are written in, what do you know, The New Atlantis. WOOT!
  • The Lost Game of the Olympics has an addictive quality (something's gotta explain FtLR being my primary method of procrastination as of late!)
  • The amnesiacs DIDN'T tattoo themselves. How could they give themselves tattoos in Esperanto if none of them speak Esperanto (remember, linguistic capabilities were not affected by the amnesia)?
  • The amnesiacs appeared in the center of labyrinths as a result of a synchronization event started in a parallel universe.

CONFIRMED: Chapter 24 of the Codex confirms that human travel between parallel worlds is possible if an omphalos on the scale of the multiverse is created! Boo ya!

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