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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 8: Uniting and training...

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[edit] March 28

Thanks are given to the team who recovered the Tokyo artifact.
She points out how the chapter discusses traveling between parallel worlds through the labyrinths.
She comments on the sheer size of the illustrations, and their capacity to help us understand why the Lost Sport was played.
She also wonders what has happened to Chapters 9 and 10.
  • Markus@Twitter: markusmystery is learning english! it all coming back to me, like i knew it before
With a lot of uncertainty, she was eventually able to get in to her uncle's grandfather Alfredo's house and examine some of his nothing.
Nothing stood out however, and wants to know if we have any idea of what she should be looking for.

[edit] March 29

Markus is now in Cardiff together with Ariadne. He is learning English.
She announces the discovery of three more chapters of the Codex (7, 8 and 11), and wonders why 9 and 10 seem to have been skipped over.
Blog readers are invited to discuss the chapters in the forum, and download the high-res versions.
She suggests this seventh chapter is the end of our instructions in running labyrinth.
An introduction of Chapter 8 of the codex, about the multiverse.

[edit] March 30

An introduction to Eli's fifth podcast - The Labyrinth, and considers Japanese translations of the correct term for them.
She feels this chapter is the last to explain how to play the Lost Sport. She suggests it's now time to learn the rules and start training.
She suggests this chapter shows how the labyrinths can connect us to the various "dimensions" of our reality... the "multiverse".
She introduces chapter 11, says Ariadne believes it will help us understand why the ancient Greeks practiced the Lost Sport, and asks for someone to translate it into French.

[edit] March 31

Markus updated a very old blog post.
There is now a link to his diary in his forum (full text) (link)
Porto Alegre #1 - Navigate 4596 Athena 23 degrees.
Dongying #2 - Navigate 3969 Ares 29 degrees.
Lucie has a dream - standing in the Olympic stadium in France, surrounded by people dressed as if in the 20's. There was a stone with the inscription "17794 Hestia 4 degrees". The Omphalos code indicates a destination of Jordan or Jerusalem. Lucie's informed and decides to head there.
Synchronizing a labyrinth precisely at one place across several worlds is problematic. Especially because Parallel Geography is not that easy. A specific location on our world could be on a totally different location on another world, even in the ocean or at some other unconvienient place. To achieve maximum linking, one world normally runs labyrinths at six different locations, so that each of them is linking at least to one other world.


[edit] April 1

He talks about that they now have a mission
He also encourage us to train and to learn the rules of the lost sport
He is worried about MeiHui, because she only speaks Chinese.
Additionally he hopes, that Theo will not pop up again (Theo was the reason why he joined Ariadne)

[edit] April 2


[edit] April 3

Boise #2 - Navigate 4473 Athena 10 degrees
Porto Alegre #2 - Navigate 4596 Hephaestus 2 degrees
New Delhi #2 - Navigate 31639 Apollo 29 degrees
In 480BC the lost sport was forbidden, most labyrinths were destroyed and the agonethetai were abolished. But a secret society of former agonethetai continued. To avoid being found they started to change the walls From stone to human so the labyrinths could be built everywhere without leaving a trace after the run.
Pan-Cosmologie, a lost science in our world, deals with those different continental structures. There are six types of worlds: Gaea (our world), Pangaea, Neo-Pangaea, Gondwana, Nuna and Kenorland.
That is necessary because there is The limit of many worlds, a maximum number on how many worlds reality can support simultaneously. There is a theory that if this upper limit is reached all worlds will collapse back into one world. This effect of "restarting the multiverse" is called "Elastic reaction" (ER). To avoid this, reality continously reunites similar worlds. But because of the free will in human history our decisions lead to a rapidly increasing of the total number of worlds. RCC is a method reality uses to avoid ER and the chance of RCCs is much higher if the number of worlds reach the upper limit.
Just the German translation
Asks for people translating the found chapters

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