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[edit] The Secret Graph

  • When inputting the command "RUN GRAPH" into the omphaputer, the rotating globe is replaced with a graph displaying seven coloured trends.
  • At top and center is an image of a portion of Schroedinger's equation
  • The horizontal axis indicates year, running from 1800 to 2008
  • The vertical axis has labels indicating large numbers from 1x105 through 1x1011
  • A slider in the corner allows the viewer to zoom in to the graph, and slide a 'window' along its length.
[edit] Oddities
  • it's yet unknown what the graph is depicting
    • There are two 'forms' the graph seems to randomly switch between throughout the week (usually when the omphaputer updates), which makes it harder to figure out what the graph is actually depicting.

(the "S" form)
(the "U" form)
[edit] Data
  • six coloured lines:
red, orange, green, cyan, blue, purple, white
  • each line remains high from 1800 to just before 1815, at which point something major occurred, causing each to drop between 1x10^6 and 1x10^7
  • according the 'S' form:
  • between 1815 and 2008, each line gradually increases towards 1x10^11, and slows down
  • at 2008, things get wonky - generally, the lines have each dropped again to 1x10^6 or so

[edit] Speculation

(intially proposed by ikkarus, adjusted/expanded through discussion)

  • After uncovering codex chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, the possibility exists that the vertical axis indicates number of co-existing universes in the multiverse, and the coloured lines represent the 6 major parallel world geographies.
  • Each line displays total number of parallel universes near its 'limb' - when a sum (or some function) of all 6 worlds' multiverses reaches 1x10^11, the universe as a whole creates a massive 'crunch' and rejoins parallel universes into one (six?) 'neopangaea'.
  • The synchronizing sport of the Labyrinth run keeps the multiple-verse count low by keeping them synchronized to their corresponding worlds.
  • In our world, Gaea, with the Lost Game being banned long ago, we've reduced our synchronicity, thus the rise in lines indicates the resulting increase of parallel universes.
  • In 1815, the multi-verse maximum was hit, causing a big 'crunch'. Since then, a similar pocession has occurred. It seems this year, if we are unsuccessful at re-synchronizing our world to the other 'Rings', we may cause another big 'crunch' for each of the parallel worlds.
  • each world is a 'Ring', in which the synchronizing sport is run to keep its multiple paths of existence closely knit.
  • the less any one ring remains synchronized, the more unsynchronized the entire 'ring' of 6 worlds becomes.
  • Our world, being unsynchronized, is the 'lost ring'
  • Might it be relevant that - according to chapter 22 of the Codex - Dedalos built the first labyrinth as "a series of undulating nets" ("kiel serion da ondantaj retoj")?
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