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[edit] Noriko's Meeting

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[edit] San Francisco

  • Who: Noriko and Ranger D, Ariock, hmrpita
  • When: April 8, 2008, 2:17 - ~2:30
  • Where: South Park, San Francisco
[edit] Report
by hmrpita
Ranger D, Ariock, and I met up about a quarter to two and hung out on Second Street, across from South Park, where we were to meet Noriko. We went into the park around 10 til 2 and walked around, all of us suspicious of everyone and everything. There are benches and a playground in the park, as well as a fenced off area that was another playground under construction.
There was a man taking pictures who had to be up to no good. There were signs for a "L O S T" dog named "M E L" that could be a KLOO. Or not.
We waited around next to the playground, in the middle of the park. At ten minutes past two, we were beginning to feel like suckers. We didn't really think we'd be left in the lurch, but one never knows for sure.
At 2:17 (yes, I looked at my phone), Ranger D spotted Noriko approaching from the east. She was wearing a red coat, blue jeans, and orange sneakers, with a black handbag and a small blue paper bag--the kind with rope handles. We met her on the path and she greeted me (pita!") and after introductions, she reached into the paper bag and took out a pair of goggles identical to Ariadne's, except for words written and scratched on them. On the right eye is "Stay Blind" and "Neopangea is near" is on the left eye. Then she took out a postcard that had both Japanese and English on it. She did her best to translate it into English for us, but it was difficult to follow.
She took one more thing from her blue bag, which were temporary tattoos of trovu la ringon perditan that Kai made to give to me for all you people who run training labyrinths in San Francisco! I asked her if we could see her tattoo. She pushed up her sleeve and showed it to us.
She asked if we knew someone who could translate the postcard for us. I took this opportunity to mention unagi and tell her he said hello (which made her smile), and that he'd like her to run a labyrinth in Japan. She said she came to California specifically to do that. (Sorry, unagi!)
I asked if she would be in San Francisco on April 20th (when we run a training labyrinth here) and she said, no, she'd be in San Diego on that day.
She wanted to know what was going on with the worlds and the postcards and Ariock did his best to explain (Ranger D's video).
Ariock had made an origami of six cranes attached to each other in a circle, which he gave to her and she seemed to like.
We told her we think Theo is in San Francisco (that he had sent apostcard of Renata to Larissa that was mailed from SF) and she saidthat the envelope that contained the goggles and the postcard came from San Francisco as well. She asked us why we thought Theo was interfering. Ranger D said he could only speculate (see/hear video).
Noriko was very nice (and even prettier in real life, if that is possible) and I hope I get to meet her again. Maybe after we save the worlds, if not before then!
This was my first experience with an in-game character in the flesh. So awesome.
[edit] Items

Noriko brought the following items:

  • Postcard (actual owner: Ranger D)

// ???
Carved, red handwritten notes:
Noriko if this happens in 2008 it will be your fault
Stop now

(translation by Rumiko)
I have confirmed what we feared the most. We were too late for Intercalated Games. Now California started moving(landslide) towards north, the direction of Neo Pangaea. We have traveled this far to perform trainings in a place with frequent earthquakes. We must stop the world from collapsing. Or, We will never be able to return home.

  • Noriko's goggles (actual owner: hmrpita)


Right eye: Stay Blind
Left eye: Neopangea is near

  • Trovu la ringon perditan tattoos (actual owner: hmrpita)


[edit] Media
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