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[edit] June 16
Yeah!!! 我们找到遗失圆环经典的最后一章了!!
这章经典的标题叫做"La Sesa Ringo," 或是"第六个圆环"

Chapter 27: The Sixth Ring
To save the planet, you must find the planet.
We cannot tell you precisely where to look. We can only teach you to see.
When the words become coordinated, the worlds become coordinated.
Eight points of connection create eight short curves, out of which only five belong.
As the rings themselves, you must take one out of every continent, and make a new ring.
But not a perfect circle.
You must recreate instead the form which you see by the Omphalos.
The flattened spheroid.
Only worry about the untouched interiors.
When you find your way through the five rings, you will see ...
How the branching and collapsing of the universes are first
to above not and then to below yes, and then
to below not and then to above yes, and then
to above not and then to below yes, and finally are
to below yes and then to above yes.
... there were always six rings.


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