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[edit] 个人迷宫让我整夜没办法入眠 // My personal labyrinth won't let me sleep at night (link)

[edit] May 1
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但是昨天晚上... 昨天晚上可能是我自从在迷宫中醒来以后睡得最不好的一个晚上! 其实坦白说我根本没有睡。睡睡醒醒,蒙胧中听到有人在叫我名字。而且你记得我之前所作的那个梦,梦到我站在一个大草原上吗?那个梦又回来了。

If you're reading my twitter and my blog, you should remember that I often couldn't sleep well at night, and seeing things in the dream that I have no idea about. But I feel like it doesn't matter later. Yesterday I finally walked my own personal labyrinth. I carefully traced the yarn along the graphic the Lost Ring Codex told us, and walked many times. Got more familiar each time walked. Feels good after walking it, a great mood...
But last night... last night may well be the worst night I slept since I woke up in the labyrinth! To tell the truth I didn't really sleep. Drifting in and out of sleep, and hearing someone calling my name. And did you remember the dream I made earlier, about me standing on a prairie? It's back.
But this time I saw a familiar face. I think I know him, but I can't remember who is he, or what does he have to do with me..

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