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[edit] April 23
guess what?
我今天上班迟到。睡过头... 还好林妈妈不是很介意我晚到。我通常如果晚一点到我就会下午晚点走。
我在想,也许我需要换个环境。加上我前一阵子交了个新朋友,她的名字叫Thermantia。她给我了一些新的点子,像说你看,Noriko都已经去了California,也许我应该考虑到纽约走走。尤其最近大家对于这个NeoPangaea的议题很敏感,既然Manhattan Island座落在Atlantis Ocean, 也许我应该去那里坐坐阵,以防止危险的事情发生..

(translation by google, various)
guess what?
I got to work late today. Overslept... Fortunately Aunt Lin didn't mind very much that I arrived late. Usually if I arrive a bit late I would leave a bit late in the evening.

However this period of time I frequently can't sleep well at night, having some very strange dreams. The night before yesterday in my dream I stood on a piece of very big prairie, by myself, had group of people in my front looking at me, always repeating this name, but because too many people were simultaneously speaking, I couldn't hear a thing they said. Some of these people look very happy, some very sad... Yesterday evening I think I also had a dream, but I already couldn't recall my dream or arrive at anything, I only know I woke feeling very sad...

I was thinking that perhaps I need a new environment. Also, a while ago I made a new friend, her name is Thermantia. She gave me some new ideas, said look, Noriko already had gone to California, perhaps I should consider New York. Everybody has recently ben especially sensitive regarding this NeoPangaea subject, since Manhattan Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps I should go to there to wait, to prevent another possible dangerous occurrence.

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