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[edit] March 11, 2008
我觉得 Monica 的故事 实非常的感人。 虽然这整件事,听在别人的耳里可能是胡言乱语,可是对我来说,对我们六个人来说,就像天使报佳音一样。因为这代表我们并不是生病了,也不是丰富的想像力在作祟(我知道大家都对我们表达善意,但是我知道一定有某部份的人觉得我们可能头脑有问题)。我们的出现,代表著某种程度的意义在。我们负著一个重要的使命,而这个使命不是我们靠自己几就可以完成的。我们需要全世界和这个使命有共鸣的人一同努力合作,一起来为找寻最终意义的使命一步一步的迈进。

我真的很感激 Monica 以前就把这整个事情写下来,让我们现在有比较多的线索。就像她所讲的,那个叫做 Jorge 的那个人说他们的任务是“The Lost Ring Codex”。那是什么意思呢?而且那六个人的手臂上也都有纹身的记号,都是在一个迷宫中醒来的,也都患有离奇的失忆症。聪明的朋友们,你们觉得这到底是怎么一回事呢? Monica她的叔叔的那张明信片就可以作为最好的例子。那些奇奇怪怪的字母是什么意思呢?是哪一种语言?那那些号码又是啥意思呢?

(translation by jaeneul)
I think Monica's story is actually very touching. Although this whole thing might sound like nonsense to other people, for me, and for the six of us, it's like a beautiful sound (i think) from an angel. This is because it proves that we are not sick, and it is not our imaginations running wild (I know everyone is kind to us, but I know there are some people who think we're crazy). Our appearance has some kind of significance. We are responsible for an important mission, and this mission is not something we can complete by ourselves. We need everyone in the world whom the mission calls to (that's the best i could translate it into, sorry) to cooperate, to find the ultimate significance of this mission together, step by step.

I am really thankful Monica wrote down this whole incident a long time ago, providing us with more clues. Just like she said, the man named Jorge said their mission was "The Lost Ring Codex." What does that mean? Those six people also had the tattoo on their arms, woke up in a labyrinth, and had amnesia. My smart friends, what do you guys think of this? Her uncle's postcard is the best example. And what do those weird letters mean? What language is it? And what do those numbers mean?

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