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[edit] March 8, 2008

我实在是太开心了!我不敢相信在其他的地方有和我同样境遇的人。Thank you all so much for finding these people for me!

(translation by Gerri)
Hello, I hope all of you are well! I'm so thankful for all your help; if you hadn't introduced me to Ariadne, I wouldn't have known what to do. And I can't believe that besides me, there are others in the same situation as me! And not just one or two, but six others! (I don't know why she says six when there're only five other athletes besides her... Maybe she's referring to Renata as well?)

Also, although we woke up in different places, what happened to us is exactly alike: we all woke up in labyrinths, we all have this tattoo in Esperanto on our arms, we all have amnesia, can't remember a thing about the past, and our physiques are all in extraordinary condition. I felt this was just unbelievable.

When I first heard about it (the other athletes), I felt it was ridiculous, but after I accepted it, believed it, I felt very excited, very happy; to think that something so bizarre could happen in six different places!

So after making new friends, it's time to get back to this question of a lost ring. Ariadne mentioned: "Find the lost ring"; but this "ring", what exactly is it? It could be a loop, a circle, a big circle, a small circle, a hula hoop..? Or maybe it's a ring (as in the type of jewellery). This ring, is it valuable? What exactly is it? I just don't know-- maybe if any of you have any other ideas, any other leads, please tell me, because I really want to know! I just wish I could remember something about the past, because I feel something in my past might be able to give me a lead on this.

Oh, but I have good news! I feel like my memory's slowly coming back. That day I went running with my friend-- she always goes running with me-- and she always goes home after about an hour of running. That day, I ran for four hours. When I stopped, a string of letters surfaced in my mind: Sofia 696. I have no idea what that means. But everytime I go out to do some exercise, jogging, running, I feel like I'm getting to know myself better-- it's a good feeling. And I'm sure that this "Sofia 696" is something from my past, because since the time I woke up till now, I've never come across any person, thing or event which might be associated with this "Sofia 696". I'm thinking it could be a call sign... or some kind of secret. How about you?
(entry translation)
I'm so happy! I didn't dare believe that there were others elsewhere, in the same boat as me! Thank you all so much for finding these people for me!

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